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A Collaboration Adventure

Once upon a time, three mystics came together for a very important mission. It was their esteemed and honorable stance that the engineered world of Patriarchy must end. It had become a world of misogyny, of dominance and of control. And, in their view, entirely out of hand.

Each had been compelled to confront this world in her own time and in her own way. Together, they concluded that HER way, the Way of the Great Mother, was what was needed to demolish the entire system, as there was little within this world that merited saving. There must be a…

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“He’s a devil cat,” announced our lovely female Manx, when asked about a local, most likely feral, invader. He was large, aggressive, and oddly configured, more like a panther than a domestic breed. “Are you sure?” I asked our lovely one, as she stretched full out in a favorite sunny spot.

“It’s really just a devil costume, so he can drop it and disappear when he wants to. That’s why only a few people see him.” Well, that clears things up, I thought to myself, grinning, as Amelia rolled onto her back, stretching one hind foot into the air. My…

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But I Have

The documentary I just watched began with a young girl’s school report on the capture and treatment of wild horses. More than half a century ago, I was that little girl.

My report was based on Marguerite Henry’s Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West in its original publication. {It was re-published in 1992} Whether America’s Mustangs, “Przewalski ’s horse” in Mongolia, the Brumbys of Australia, or New Zealand’s Kaimanawas, I’ve followed the journey of these magnificent animals for a lifetime.

In the documentary, American Mustang, the young girl presented a clip from the beginning of the film Billy Jack. I…

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Betsy loved to gallop. As one who thrived on the love of horses, she galloped with them, stride for stride. With the horse, or on her own, the gallop was her favorite mode of transportation. It transported her into joy.

Galloping across any field, anywhere, had only landed her in trouble, once. She was happily galloping across the all-girls playing field at school, reveling in the lift between strides, when, WHAM! She was knocked almost unconscious by another girl running across her path. As she sat up, a bit dazed, the other girl sneered “Are you okay? Oh, and watch…

Prompt: Unlearning

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brings new truth to light.

Why is this so hard to write?

Each day the round of being starts anew.

How many awakenings before we’re through?

Why does the cat eat the cute mice, mommy?
Well, you eat steak.
Mice are cat steaks.
Oh, that’s terrible!
Do you want to stop eating meat?

I did, much to Mum’s disgust at what she called wasted food. It took 16 years but she finally stopped putting it on my plate.

And then…

You have anemia…low blood sugar…and your body chemistry… Okay, okay. How do I need to change? I was rail…

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A question that defines trajectories

Whether we realize it or not, the demand we are conditioned to radiate out into the Universe is, “Tell me who I am!” This vibrating demand teaches us who we are not, as we rub up against what does not resonate. Then, it begins to show us the facets of truth we are able to perceive.

This will upset some, but there is only one TRUTH. And, infinite perceivers thereof, each of us like one of the blind men describing an elephant. We all see through a glass, darkly. We all recognize truth from different perspectives.

So who are we…

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I hadn’t truly felt the source of the oddly fatiguing pressure I’ve experienced since returning to the US, until recently. Disenfranchised, dismissed, disrespected, and, yes, invisible. You nailed it in one, Julia E Hubbel! Here is her article, which, after reading, I now have a deeper understanding of what I’ve been experiencing.

And, I , too, have had my run-ins with regard to white privilege. I have always been more than a little embarrassed by it.

Two years ago, in South Africa, I house-sat for a friend. Her rondavel is small, and not kitted for company, so I checked into…

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A Twist on a Toltec Teaching

One of the sayings of Don Juan, Carlos’ Castaneda’s teacher, was to use death as an advisor. The literal quote reads, “Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you’re about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you’re wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch.” ~Journey to Ixtlan

We’ve all heard the saying “Live each day as though it were your last.” And we hesitate, procrastinate, tell ourselves all the things we…

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Once there was a dragon. She happened to be fashioned of clear quartz crystal, but in the grand scheme of things that mattered not at all. The true emanations, held in the stone from which she was fashioned, were powerful indeed.

Long had these strands of love and harmony rippled through the earth, making new ways, finding new alignments, awaiting discovery. The vein of crystalline essence she came from dwelt in a land below Gaia’s equator. “Below the belt,” some might say, and for some time it had felt so. But things were changing.

The Great Tide had begun to…

my iPhone, this morning

Needs The Tao of New Snow

It snowed again last night.
I sneaked a peak through my curtains at midnight,
a time I am usually in slumber.
And, there, just outside,
my friend the maple
has white-encrusted branches
like new antlers in spring.

New snow, clinging to all it touches,
a Tao of its own.

Two days ago it was possible
to walk without the extra layers
we put on to shield us from wet and cold.

Geese flocked in droves, honking their way to new shores, new freedoms. Windows opened, children laughed, played, and breathed in the onslaught of sunlight. Blinding at best, burning at…

Nalini MacNab

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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