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Sophia’s perspective.

All realities are holographic experiences lived through different lenses of perception. With the clear light and the deep enfolding star-filled night as comforter and pillow, the Great Sophia dreams.

Once upon the creation of time and space, stone tubs were filled with the waters of life. Into these, the starlight tumbled, bathing, soaking, disseminating stellar essence into the flow of new consciousness. And as they frolicked, so formed frequencies, fractals birthed through the waters of formlessness, nurtured in HER loving embrace.

And so all dreams begin.

An orb of ascension, creating and shining its way through portals of light, wrote a story of moving through this dimension into that dimension and on and on, trailing symbols and numbers along its joyful trajectory. Will there be those who want to read/live that journey? Apparently so. …

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When did ‘trash days’ start to come so close together?

“Didn’t we just take out the trash?” Laura wanted to know. “Is it just garbage or recycle as well?”

“Thank goodness they DO recycle here,” Emily commented as she combed the house for bins.

“I don’t believe in it,” Laura continued. “They probably just put the recycle bin in the landfill with everything else.”

“I know you don’t believe it,” Emily groused, “That’s why I reach in and rinse everything you throw in there…” {heavy sigh}

“Oh they just mash it up somehow, no matter what.”

“No, not with garbage in it. Those items have to be hand-sorted…

An Inner Year ~ First Report

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What does it mean to honor and invest in the body of awareness that you are? As in I AM… full stop. What makes your Spirit your own? What sets it free?

What happens when the identifiers that queued to make up that I AM parcel scatter to the winds? What happens when a being is re-woven from the scattered sparks of lifetimes and galactic pixels coming together connection by connection into a loving harmonic balance? How can a waveform know its I AM presence? What if the answer is not ‘one particle at a time?’

In an endless sea whose inner mappings flow along the curvatures of the flower of life, are there particular points of view? Are there infinite viewing points, held in an eternal loving gaze? If universal consciousness is the all and the nothing, then how is the what defined? …

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A Cycle Out of Time

Universal Consciousness is often a matter of keeping the Larger Realms present in any situation. It is bearing witness to their Presence and walking it to the best of one’s abilities, with unwavering certainty that more will be revealed.

The consciousness we walk defines our experience of reality.

Some of us are being called to a passage of deepening. The more we gain ground within, the more expansion occurs. Our earth mother is fully capable of integrating the energies of the photon belt to create new realities for her inhabitants. …

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When a volcano erupts, its magma flows create new land. An eruption of higher frequencies and new possibilities does the same, from the inside out.

New land requires new grounding…from the inside out. Over the Solstice, Lady Pélé gave us a brilliant example. What had been a water-filled crater, caving in to below-sea-level depths, is now filling with lava. Is Gaia healing a wound or simply gaining ground?

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The ‘Shoulds’ take over

Meet the Shoulds. Have-to, Ought-to, and their offspring, obligations and consequences. This family tends to run things behind the scenes like the mice in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Prior to Solstice week I blocked my calendar, muted a few things, unsubscribed from and deleted a few others, and generally made way for what was to come. As we do.

What I forgot, which was more than a little unusual for me, was to go into my email accounts and set up ‘vacation’ or ‘out of office’ messages, auto-replying to all senders that I would be unavailable for the following timeframe. …

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As we put 2020 into the perspective of hindsight it provides, let’s take a quick inventory of how we have chosen to create, and how we might choose differently.

The baseline of all consumerism, all materialistic acquisition, is the feeling of ‘not enough’. As humans, we are conditioned to create from a place of lack. We crave more because we feel we do not have, or are not, enough. No value judgements here, this is mental/emotional de-bugging. It needs to be done, because so much of our programming is obsolete.

Historically, {term used purposefully} when crafting a ‘spell,’ or ‘formula for manifesting,’ the lack is stated first. In simplest terms, we state what we want to change, and what we envision ‘it’ changing or releasing into, improvising towards improvement… even when have learned not to attempt to control the details. …

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It has been many years since I’ve been asked, with that plaintively solicitous tone in the voice, “Are you able to spend the holidays with your loved ones?” Circumstances… travel… the truth that I celebrate the Solstice, and everone’s light and joy, rather than any particular designated day, and the fact that my answer both satisfied and nonplussed most askers.

My answer? “I always do.” My words satisfied, at the level they were received.

Oh, I know the asking ones meant with friends and family…and my answer has remained the same.

I am in love with this ridge between the mountain ranges. I am in love with the trees that enfold the garden. I am in love with the geese free-ranging far and wide, and the owl in the bare-branched aspens two houses down the road. …

A Principle of Manifestation

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Manifestation happens in threes. We talk about this all the time, perhaps without realizing we do so.

In England lives the saying, “”What I tell you three times is true.”

“Things happen in threes,” my mum used to say, usually while shaking her head in trepidation.

“Third time is the charm,” is another common utterance, known by all.

Manifestation happens in threes. So does learning. We manifest our lessons through this same principle.

First we learn through events and circumstances. This song illustrates one example of many.

Then, we learn through the mirror, when the circumstances and behaviors of others show us what we need to see. …

Sage Wisdom for All Ages

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“What’s Christmas in July Grandma? Christmas is at the end of the year. It’s summer now.” But Grandma only smiled and worked her magic with careful fingers.

Once upon a time, long past the years when time had ceased to matter, there lived a grandmother with lovely soft skin and the kind of eyes that see right through you.

Sunlight streamed through the windows behind her, illuminating tiny glimpses of blue lake and green fields.

Grandmother’s smile seemed to soften the straight-backed chair that supported her tiny frame. …


Nalini MacNab

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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