The most easy way to try TensorFlow (anywere including Windows)

Today at AI Ukraine I had a chance to participate in TensorFlow workshop. Main prerequisite is actually to have TensorFlow installed on my laptop. I have Windows laptop and unfortunately TensorFlow doesn’t even have install instructions for Windows. Fortunately it has docker image and fortunately docker now have very nice support for Windows with Docker for Windows. So instructions are:

  1. Install Docker for Windows.
  2. run it with `docker run -it -p 8888:8888`

I have small repo play-tensorflow with my setup with few additional features:

  1. It maps ./notebooks as /notebooks in TensorFlow container
  2. I has a little bit shorter commands to work with
  3. It has commands to bash into container


git clone
cd play-tensorflow
make up

then you can navigate to http://localhost:8888/ for Jupiter, or

make bush

To run bash and have a fun with TensorFlow.


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