Our mobile nutrition project in Rwanda with ADRA Canada

The Chalkboard Education team with its partners, ADRA Canada, ADRA Rwanda and the Sick Children Centre for Global Child Health in the Nyabihu district of Rwanda.

In 2018, Chalkboard Education signed a partnership with the humanitarian agency ADRA Canada to deliver a mobile nutrition training platform to Frontline Health Workers in Rwanda.

This platform is part of a larger initiative by ADRA Canada, The Enhance Mother/Newborn/Child Health in Remote Areas through Health Care and Community Engagement or ‘EMBRACE’, which aims to reduce preventable stunting and maternal child mortality in countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar or Rwanda. EMBRACE is funded by Global Affairs Canada.

The training programme was designed for Frontline Health Workers in low and middle income countries and is leveraging assets from the online SickKids Public Health Nutrition Course from the Hospital for Sick Children Centre for Global Child Health in Toronto, Canada.

Our team went on a field trip to the Nyabihu district of Rwanda in March 2018, to kick off the project, visit the health centers and meet the future users of the platform.