Noobs Guide to Car Maintenance

Imagine this … you are going to an important meeting overtaking traffic , waiting for the signal to go green like a F1 driver at the starting grid. Out of all this chaos your trusted means of transport goes silent with you sitting ducks in the middle of the road. Now you have to push your car to the side of the road , arrange for towing , find another mode of transport and you have missed your meeting anyway. You could have avoided all of this .

Car is a complex machine with thousands of parts , all of them functioning in sync to get us where we want to. On an overall there are a few major systems that make the bulk of it, Engine, Transmission , Suspension , Brakes , Wheels and Electrical.

What can you do to keep it moving forward ?

Fluids: Engine Oil , Transmission Oil , Brake Fluid , Coolant , Power Steering Oil. Abnormal drop of any of the fluids means something is wrong.

Battery: The thing that starts the car. Always by all means make sure your battery is charged and in a good condition. When in doubt change the battery before it dies.

Noises: . Mix and match .

Instrument Cluster Symbols: If any of the ones that is not lit generally is lit up(the red ones) , take it to the garage.

Driving habits that needs to be avoided : Riding the clutch , riding the brakes , sudden stop or taking off , not warming up .

That should cover you for now.

Oh and by the way we fix cars at Carista right at your doorstep , it will not get any better .