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find the best payment way to pay the tneb online payment.The Vision Tamil Nadu 2023 Strategic Plan for Infrastructure Development in Tamil Nadu was launched by the
Honourable Chief Minister on March 22, 2012. The Vision document outlined the outcomes that are targeted to be
achieved by 2023. The focus of the Vision is on implementing physical and social infrastructure projects that will aid
economic development and make Tamil Nadu the most prosperous and progressive state in the country.

The Vision Document envisaged an investment of Rs.15,00,000 crore to be made over the next 10 years.

This second volume of the Vision Document contains profiles of the specific projects and programmes identified
in the various sectors, highlighting the rationale for choosing these projects and their impact. While some of the
initiatives are amenable to be implemented as projects, for example, power generation projects or port projects,
some other initiatives are best described as programmes, comprising a series of smaller projects and policy measures
that are to be implemented at a number of locations.

Examples of such programmes include the programme for
soil quality improvement, restoration of ground water and the programme for large scale skill development. Many
of these initiatives will have to be undertaken at the grassroot level across the state and the requirements are to be
identified based on the local conditions.

These project and programme profiles and ideas are intended to be converted into feasibility reports, detailed
project reports and specific schemes. They will be taken up for implementation by different agencies — some in the
public sector mode, others as public-private partnerships and in certain cases as private sector initiatives with some
facilitation by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Development Board, set up under
the recently enacted TN Infrastructure Development Act 2012 with the Hon’ble Chief Minister as the Chairperson,
would play a critical role in taking these initiatives forward. The role of the individual line departments cannot be
over-emphasised. Ultimately they have to act effectively to ensure that the Vision is realised.

The summary of the proposed investments are given below. The sectoral allocations are at slight variance from
the original estimates as some projects and the cost estimates have undergone a further revision based on a more
detailed evaluation and scrutiny.

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