Living off the Grid in a Bitcoin Community

12 years ago, in April 2006, USA Today reported that there were “180,000 families living off the grid, a figure that has jumped 33% a year for a decade.

I have been growing up in both, cities, and in the countryside. When I was a city kid, I loved the fast phased lifestyle and would not trade anything for it, everything was just there for me. Shops, restaurants, nightlife and friends.

Then, my family decided to move to the country side witch was a big change for us. I did not really like the small town mentality. It was the same as the big city mentality but more in your face. At least in the city you could be anonymous, in a small town everyone is right up in your business, and knows about everything that you are doing.

I started to really enjoy the solitude in my family house, do what you want when you want it.

This also comes with responsibilities, there is chores to be done every day. Like chopping wood for the winter, prepare the garden for planting, harvesting, hunting and so many more things that had to be done. It always felt that there was not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Today, I still have that feeling for Bitcoin.

If you didn’t do your chores, you have to pay for it later, with a cold house and no food on the table.

I have a passion for Bitcoin and living off the grid, and I am sure, there are many more like me out there.

How could we combine these two passions? Today we have not only more efficient solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, but we also have better ways of communication. You can get internet almost everywhere now, so there are still options to work online, remotely, and there is the blockstream satellite, a shortwave radio, primed for post apocalypse proof of live, you can send Bitcoin via text messages or via mesh network, with Gotenna. In worst case scenario you can even use a crypto debit card. The choices are there for us.

The ideas of Bitcoin and homesteading aren’t too far apart from each other, both groups don’t agree with the government models we have today. We all want freedom in different ways and for different reasons. I truly believe, that it is possible to combine freedom with today’s available modern technology and sustainable living.

I think, it’s all about getting the right minds in the right place. With having a similar mindset it should not be too hard to achieve. So if you have a piece of land where this utopia can be built, get in touch with us. There is many countries that are giving away land in small towns for development. They all have some strings attached to them. Canada, US and Russia seems to be taking the lead in giving away land.

I would see this as a community where people can be doing what they are best at, and learn from each other. The best way of sharing knowledge, is by sharing what you know with others, in a hands-on way. Maybe we will be swapping Bitcoin stories by the camp fire in the future…

I have been looking around to find some of these communities, but I can’t seem to find any place like this. Sure there was a place called Bitcointopia. nevertheless, this site got taken down about a month ago because it was a scam, and Morgan Rockcoons got arrested! Then there is Jeffery Berns, who has an interesting project in Nevada, where he wants to build a massive blockchain city.

It’s a pretty cool idea, but I like to go the other way, where we are more in control and responsible for our lives. A sustainable crypto community in a smaller scale with less impact. With renewable electricity sources getting better every day, it would not be impossible to run some miners and nodes in the Crypto homestead community in the near future.

I would like to be part of building a bitcoin homestead community and living off the grid. With living off the grid, I don’t mean living without internet, running water and electricity, this is something we want to enjoy! The question is, how can we get there?

Well, I think we have to work hard and use our skills to make it happen! This way we are responsible for ourselves and our needs. Need a well? Dig one. Need electricity? Build a wind turbine. Of course, we need to have people with the right skills and vision! When you are building a community, there will always be a lot of various skills needed.

I have not all the answers to how this could be done, but I have the vision and the passion to be a part of it wherever it will be. This could be the way of achieving almost total freedom for you and your family, and having as little interaction with the government as possible. Are you tired of the rat-race? I am! If you like this idea or want to be part of building this, don’t hesitate to contact us at: simply leave your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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