The birth of Satoshi House part II

This is the second article, here I’ll talk about what happened during the bull run in 2017 and how the idea started to grow to build Satoshi House. This story started on a paradise island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand and ended up 1000 miles north in The Golden Triangle

In 2016 from having just a few people on our meetups the attendance started to grow first slowly and then very quickly. The word got around that we are doing something cool. We never thought it was cool, we just wanted to be in control of our money. As the price of bitcoin grew so did the people coming to our meetups. Most were in it for a quick buck, sure I can understand that any asset that increases so much will draw attention and everybody wants a piece of the pie. Now we also got the people who laughed at us when we bought “silly internet money”.

We also meet some amazing people on our meetups that really wanted to change the world and had a vision and commitment to do it. That’s where I first meet Didi Taihuttu and the whole Bitcoin Family. At the time they had Hardforking and German TV channel filming them. Didi and Olaf Van Wijk was a big inspiration to me and what we are doing with Satoshi House today, we became close friends.

Our goal was always to educate people about bitcoin encourage them to find out more themselves. For us, it was important to help people too understand the fundamentals of bitcoin and that they can take a stand against the establishment!

For me, bitcoin has always represented freedom and it always will. For some other, they are just in it for the speculation. We never told anyone to buy at X price and sell at Y price.

Then we had the year of ICO madness, everyone is asking which ICO should I buy that can give me 100X and asking me to read white papers every day.

I got into some ICO’s I was naive and thought that most people in the crypto industry wanted to disrupt traditional business models. I quickly started to understand that this was just a way scammers to print their own money and convincing people to give away their good money for some bad money. There are still some interesting crypto projects out there. I started to realize that there was just too much noise in the whole crypto scene.

There needed to be a place where people can get together who genuinely want to disrupt the world we live in. The idea of Satoshi House started to grow in my mind, I was not really sure how, where and when but it had to be done. This is not restricted to bitcoin or crypto, I wanted to encourage development in Open Source and Decentralized projects, whether it’s software or hardware. At this point, the penny dropped! And I realized that we have to provide a place where people can come and work on Open Source projects, discuss monetary policies, the importance of decentralization and governance structures.

In April 2018 the decision was made, we are doing it! One of my friends came in as a partner and manager at CrowBar. In June we took the first load up to our new location Chaing Saen in the Golden Triangle, the first things we brought with us was our bitcoin miners and had them setup, we started planning and organizing. In August we had moved up to Satoshi House and started renovating our place. The journey had begun.

In the last article, I’ll talk about what Satoshi House is and what our goals and visions are.

Find out more about Satoshi House here and don’t forget to check out CrowBar



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