10 SEO Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) are attached like tea and sugar. You can engage in blogging without SEO, but there is no taste. Make a sense?

So, i thought you’d like to know a few of professional SEO tools that probloggers use to ease their hard works, save time and increase revenue. Remember that Time is the most important thing here.

P.S: I have published an extensive SEO Tools list on PBT. Read that post clicking link below.


Feel free to share your favorite SEO tool that you use. I would happy to know them.

  1. SEMrush— SEMrush is a competitor analysis tool, backlink checker tool, keyword position tracking tool and literally a complete search engine marketing tool. Read my honest SEMrush review over here. And click here to learn how you can use SEMrush to steal competitors gold keywords which drive tens of thousands of traffic. Get a SEMrush free trial account over here.
  2. Ahrefs— off-site SEO is something that you should pay your close attention to. Backlinks are one of top metrics that Google uses to rank web pages on Google SERPs. Ahrefs can find every domain/webpages linked to your website. Very good SEO tool every blogger should use.
  3. Long Tail Pro — who don’t care about keyword research? No one, yeah? well, even you admit or not, you cannot rank #1 for broad keyword in Google if you’re not WikiPedia easily. Instead use long tail search terms or long tail keywords in your blog posts. Long Tail Pro can generate hundreds of Thousands of untapped long tail keywords which can be ranked easily.
  4. Hootsuite — Although Hootsuite is a social media management tool, Hootsuite can do very much works for you like automatically publish posts to various social networks and blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress etc.
  5. Google Trends — You know very well about Google keyword planner. But do you know that you can also research keywords using Google Trends? Yes, it’s true. You can. Google Trends is one of best ways to find what’s upcoming, what’s hot.
  6. Google Correlate— Another free SEO tool for blogging. Google Correlates can generate synonym keywords to your target query, which is a fantastic features as you can sprinkle those synonym keywords on your content to prevent from keyword stuffing issue.
  7. Google Webmaster Tools — Google webmaster tools is one of my best SEO tools in my arsenal. why Google webmaster tools becomes a SEO tool? Well, it’s because, it’s a keyword analysis tool where you can generate more untapped keywords, position tracker tool where you can find where your web pages are averagely displayed and also make SEO adjustments to increase organic traffic.
  8. SEOMofo-snippet optimizer — If your blogging platform isn’t WordPress, you’d probably thinking is there any way to predict how your post titles and meta description displayed on SERPs before publish blog posts. well, with the help of this amazing tool, you can find how your post titles will show in SERPs. It’s a great SEO practice to increase CTR and eventually organic traffic.
  9. Portent Title Maker — even your blog post is the most extensive, comprehensive, detailed and most beautiful one in the world, it’s not good, if your post title sucks. That’s what this amazing SEO tool — blog post title maker is good at. Enter your target keyword into this tool and you’ll get a dozen of interesting blog post titles and also sometimes new blog post ideas. Another must known SEO tool by blogers.
  10. Buzzsumo — Another favorite blogging tool in my arsenal. If you’re suffering from writer’s block issue, this is the best treatment for it. You can find what people want in your niche/industry juts by putting a keyword or competitors URL. Even you can find influence who are finding great articles to share.

I know some of these tools are not actually SEO tools. However they help indirectly to search engine optimization. You can find more keyword research tools over here and more SEO tutorials on Pro Blog Tricks.

Don’t forget to check my case study on How i Increased website traffic by 20.95% within 4 weeks. I have explained you how i used some of above SEO tools to increase my buyer traffic (yes, not regular free traffic).

So what’s your best SEO tool that you use for blogging? share your views below as responses.