How to Make Money by Shortening URLs

Have you ever thought you can make money online just by shortening URLs?

Well, today i will show you how to make money online, by shortening yours or others website URLs.

No website Needed!

Yes, it’s absolutely free and very easy to make money through this trick.

How to Make Money Shortening URLs: The Step by Step Guide

Step #1: First you have to go to Shortest using this link and sign up for a free account. You can create an account using your email or Facebook account.

Step #2: Then set up your profile correctly and add your payout method. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payoneer or webmoney. I used Payoneer. Because it’s easy to set up and i can withdraw money from my local bank account.

Learn more about Payoneer over here and read this post to learn how to get a free virtual bank account using Payoneer.

Special Bonus: If you sign up to Payoneer through this link, you will receive free $25.00 bonus, once your account reached $100.00 limit.

Step #3: Now start shortening URLs! (ex: YouTube videos, post urls, slideshare presentations etc)

Join to Facebook groups, Google+ groups and share your shortened link.

Step #4: Check Your Shortest earning dashboard to find how much money you have earned!

Haven’t you still started Make Money Shortening URLs? So start today!

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