Tumblr vs BlogSpot? What’s the Best Blogging Platform for you?

When it comes to blogging, there are several blogging platforms such as Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress.com, Drupal and also self-hosted blogging systems (also known CMS — content management systems) such as WordPress.org, Magento, Joomla etc.

BlogSpot is one of the most popular blogging platforms in today. In other hand, Tumblr is a fast growing social network + blogging platform in today.

So what’s best?

At Pro Blog Tricks, i have written a few articles about Tumblr and Blogger. One is how to create a blog on BlogSpot for free. It took a lot of attention of people as i explained why you should use BlogSpot as your blogging platform when you start blogging career.

There are a lot of blogs established on BlogSpot. Many of them get millions of traffic in every single day. When you set up custom domain for your Blogger blog, it’s hard to identify the blogging platform.

In other hard, Tumblr is famous for a social network + blogging site where you can host your portfolios, photo-blogs etc.

Just like Blogger, after you set up the custom domain for Tumblr, anyone can’t predict the blogging platform very easily.

But, as a blogger, BlogSpot has lots of facilities for you, Blogger On Page SEO settings, RSS feed, custom themes etc.

Even you can improve Tumblr Blog SEO by properly following ethical Tumblr SEO optimisation techniques, there are lack of essential SEO tools such as Meta description, Monetizing capabilities etc.

Although you can make use of essential SEO tools such as SEMrush or any other keyword research tools such as Long Tail Pro, it is not easy to complete with sites which are built with WordPress.org etc.

All in hand, if you want blogging with alot of SEO facilities, you would go with Blogger. If you want showcase your works, skills (hint: you’re a freelancer or micro-job worker), you could choose Tumblr as your Blogging platform.

So, what’s your favorite blogging platform? share your responses below.

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