How To Install Apache Tomcat web server on your Laptop and run

Chamara Gunarathne
2 min readJul 25, 2018


How to install apache tomcat server?

Click this and navigate to Apache Tomcat Welcome page, Then the following web page will be available

In the left side section, you will see Download section, click on the latest version of tomcat server, then download the zip that mentions below

Extract that zip file any place in your laptop(usually extract into program file folder in windows), Now apache tomcat installed on your laptop.

How open apache tomcat server?

Go into bin folder that in apache tomcat file, and open cmd there. After that, open file using cmd(in windows type and unix ./

Then using browser type http://localhost:8080/, Then the following web page will be available(8080 is the default port that apache server work)

The main issues you can face

Port block

  • If the current port used in another work, this happens, then you can change the port, that tomcat server works
  • How To change Tomcat port number
  • Goto tomcat>conf folder.
  • Edit server.xml.
  • Search “Connector port
  • Replace “8080” by your port number.
  • Restart the tomcat server.

Proxy problem

  • Use the proxy server except for address that starts with the localhost entry.

When open permission denied.

  • In unix give permission for all .sh files in the tomcat bin folder(type in cmd chmod +X filename)