1) Family — I want to be around them, love them, support them, hug and kiss them.

2) Friends — I want to support them, embellish them, promote them, confide in them, count on them.

3) Memories — I want to think back on events and have an emotional reaction. Capital is a lubricant to my and other’s ideas no matter how big, small, indulgent or sacrificial as long as I’ll have some awesome reaction after it’s done.

4) Legacy — I must do something that lasts well after these next 13,383 days.

1) How many days did I do the things above?

2) How many days did I just give into the norm vs push back? Fight back…

3) How many days was I happy? Like, really happy. Not fake, cosmetic happy.

4) How many days did I give up what I really wanted because someone else’s marginal validation tricked me from focusing on the bigger picture?

Chamath Palihapitiya

Written by

CEO @SocialCapital, Owner @Warriors, Merchant of Progress.

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