In 2009 (or thereabouts), I got into an email exchange with Zuck about the types of employees we want at Facebook. I remember writing down some useless jargon and got into a back and forth, the result of which I repost here. By no means were they the values as presented to employees at that time (or ever), but they became my rallying cry. It was how I (sometimes ruthlessly) evaluated, recruited and managed the Growth team and its how I often judge how other teams I’m involved with are doing now. The long-term results are only just becoming clear, but the team that worked on Growth now manages large parts of Facebook, Uber, Pinterest, Remind and many other up and coming companies. And I hope, in some small part, these values are things they now carry with them there and forever.

This list isn’t for everyone, but I try to forward these to every company I work with/start. It’s not that each company has to be the same, but it is to illustrate that you can’t be afraid of standing for something. Standing for a certain set of values — even if they can be perceived to be extreme. Whatever you believe, believe it to the extreme. It makes the hard times go by easier and keeps the good times in perspective.

  • Very high IQ
  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Relentless focus on success
  • Aggressive and competitive
  • High quality bar bordering on perfectionism
  • Likes changing and disrupting things
  • New ideas on how to do things better
  • High integrity
  • Surrounds themselves with good people
  • Cares about building real value (over perception)

Written by

CEO @SocialCapital, Owner @Warriors, Merchant of Progress.

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