Determining the Usefulness of IT Management

Information technologies have the potential to transform economies and society; However, many nations fail to implement basic reforms that stimulate the growth of competitive IT markets. The use of IT Consulting firms has been slow but, in the last five years, it has made significant progress. The ability to innovate is, within the business sector, the most encouraging trend in growth.

Incorporating IT

The benefit of incorporating a Managed IT Service has surpassed the cost of its implementation. The five advantages of implementing information technologies in a company are:

Optimization of resources and time
Omnipresence, located in a physical place and able to market worldwide
Customer segmentation and better interaction with the consumer
Higher advertising impact and market penetration
Safe trade, e-commerce continues to be consolidated due to its ease, reliability, and operability
Approximately 10 percent of the budget for medium and large companies is for IT acquisition, maintenance, and innovation. The sectors that have taken advantage of the technological growth are travel agencies, consumer electronics and clothing and clothing. Specialists have acknowledged that SMEs are still lagging, so it is necessary to promote incentives that involve them more.

Being aware of IT management

In recent years, SMEs have become aware of the advantages of IT for companies. This is evidenced by reports which highlight things like:

More than 76% of companies with more than ten employees have a corporate website

Nearly 100% of SMEs have the basic IT equipment (computers, Internet connection)

The majority (96%) already have broadband Internet for their mobile communications

63.8% provide portable devices to their employees to facilitate remote communication and teleworking processes

The use of open software programs reaches 85% of companies with more than ten employees

93% of SMEs with more than ten employees used the Chameleon IT Service to resolve administrative procedures. This percentage stood at 71.5% of micro-enterprises

What remains to be improved? In this path towards the digitization of companies, there is still progress in aspects such as the implementation of Cloud Computing solutions for SMEs, the use of e-commerce platforms or in the ICT training of employees.

Relational marketing supported by this presence on the Internet and social networks, opens the way to a new relationship with the customer and allows users to comment, suggest, or complain, gives the company the opportunity to exchange information, allowing direct communication with its customers. Choosing the right IT service is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Visit for more details.