Working on the Cloud or changing your machine will require to re-install CUDA for GPU support. Just like many data scientists out there, installing CUDA is becoming an exhausting task. Updating your CUDA version is even, sometimes, scarier! The official documentation from Nvidia is my least favorite resource to install CUDA.

There’s a ton of helpful articles about installing CUDA. I decide to follow this approach because it’s fast, simple, and clear (I know what’s going on my machine during the installation).

I made this post as a note to self. I like to document my work so I can…

In the last decade, the effectiveness of AI technology has been validated in several business applications. Starting with self-driving cars, machine vision, intrusion detection systems, identity authentication, etc. The learning capability of these algorithms is just fascinating, and there is no doubt that AI is becoming progressively an industry standard and a must-have for every business.

— In the public discourse, AI is being perceived as “something data, something neural network, and something black unbeatable magic”. …

CHAMI Soufiane

Data scientist

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