A Journey to the Salesforce Developer Community

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes — then learn how to do it later!” — Richard Branson

Every Computer Science or IT graduate looks for better career opportunities after pass out from a university. Same as most of them, I wanted to start my career with Java. In 2011, at the interview, the interviewer (Mr. Asitha Siriwardhana, Operation Manager) from the Sabre Technologies, asked, “We don’t have Java vacancies at the moment. But, we are going to form a Salesforce Team. Do you like to join with that team? You will be the initial team member. What do you think?”. For a moment, I thought it was a kind of sales jobs or something. I asked the name again because I heard the word called “Salesforce” as an IT industry term for the first time. I requested an additional day to give the feedback. When I was searching for Salesforce, I felt that is an amazing opportunity, but I’m not sure I can do it or not. But, I thought that I must accept this challenging opportunity and then I will learn how to do that.

That amazing opportunity led me to;

  1. Become a super contributor in the Force.com developer community forum within a ONE year time
  2. Initiate the Official Sri Lanka Salesforce Developer User Group back in 2012 with the help of Kavindra Patel.
  3. Became a Certified Salesforce Developer
  4. In 2013, published the FIRST book which related to the Salesforce.com Cloud Technology — Visualforce Developer’s Guide (ISBN 9781782179818). Publisher- Packt Publishing, UK
  5. In 2014, organized the FIRST ever Salesforce Mini Hackathon in Sri Lanka. More Photos here.
  6. In 2015, published the SECOND book which related to the Salesforce.com Cloud Technology — Learning Force.com Application Development (ISBN 9781782172796). Publisher- Packt Publishing, UK
The harvest of Salesforce Journey

If you want success with anything, love it, believe it and live with it. That’s my slogan in every time. I didn’t know anything about Salesforce. But, I believe it, I love it, and I live with that. I thank Mr. Chandima Cooray who was the CEO of Sabre Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, for giving me this amazing opportunity.

From the beginning, I gained lots of things from the Force.com Developer Forum. It helped me a lot. At that time, we hadn’t Trailhead. So, the best way to learn was self learning and the use of the Developer community. But, now newcomers can use the Trailhead to learn every bit about Salesforce.

If you are a newcomer, find the Salesforce Developer or Salesforce User group in your region. Join with the community and you can meet the amazing Salesforce community and share your knowledge with the community. These Meetup groups are frequently invited to take part in exclusive activities, receive unique swag, and enjoy a close relationship with Salesforce.

The Sri Lankan Salesforce community is growing now. Apart from normal Meetups, I have big plans for the next year. Some of them are;

  1. Prepare a technical resource pool within the group and organize mini workshops or tech talks at universities. The Sri Lankan Salesforce community is ready to help with this.
  2. Organize a One or Two day hands-on workshop for Sri Lankan IT undergraduates. For this, I need help from the Salesforce officials, Salesforce MVPs, and the Sri Lankan IT industry.
  3. Initiate a Student Salesforce Developer User Group in Sri Lanka
  4. Organize the Salesforce Hackathon as an annual event of the Sri Lanka Salesforce Developer User Group

Our actions have to be as big as our dreams. So, Be Innovative. Be Creative. Be competitive. You will never lose.