#VR leads the way ?

Will #VR take the lead over #drones ?[Source:http://greenbuzzagency.com/]

#Drones, #AR, #VR, #Robotics, #Ai and all other trendy buzzwords that dominates the today’s tech industry will undoubtedly revolutionize the world in next years to come (may be months, or may be dates, who knows ;)). And as you are reading, right now, an enormous amount of advances in technology is happening. Of course, this is UNSTOPPABLE.

Recently, I also became obsessed with these trending areas. Now I spend more time on “TechCrunch”, “e27” and “FlipBoard’ going through the latest news on research and development and start up news in these research areas. I should say that, it’s very “fun” to read and explore these news than boasting about your grand, luxurious lifestyle in social media :P. Okay… okay…, the whole point of this blog post is not to reflect my personal opinion (cause I’m not a , but rather to reflect what “the world is saying” about the trend technologies.

Have you ever came across these thoughts ? If you ever either one or something similar, there’s mutual chemistry between us ;) ❤ :P

Is it #drones that people are mostly interested in ?
Which topic is the hottest topic ? is it #drones ? #AR ? #VR ? or #robotics

Now let’s begin the fun part.

To answer this question, I thought of using Twitter as the platform for me to get necessary data to analyse this situation. In a nutshell this is what I did. I collected 50 MB of Tweets (took me 8 hours for this) to a text file which I named as “twitter_data.txt”, by connecting to the Twitter Stream API. Then I used Python Pandas to analyse the tweets I obtained.

I was very much interested in obtaining real time tweets that have hash tags in #drone, #AR, #VR and #robotics. As the first step, I logged into https://apps.twitter.com/ and created a new app and obtained the ‘access token’, ‘access secret’, ‘consumer key’ and ‘consumer secret’. These contains the user credentials to access the Twitter API. You can follow the instructions in Twitter API Tutorial[1] to register your app in Twitter. There are many Python libraries that facilitates twitter analysis such as , ‘Tweepy’, ‘Python-Twitter-tools’ and ‘Twython’. In this work, I used Tweepy.

Then I created a new file and named it as ‘realtime_streams.py’. When you run this script, it will populate the realtime Twitter streaming objects(JSON) with respect to #drone, #AR, #VR and #robotics, in your console. For you to have a substantial data set, you need to run this script for a reasonable amount of time. I ran this script for around eight hours. While you are running this script, make sure that you disable sleep mode of your PC. For the purpose of collecting these real-time tweets, I ran the following command :

python realtime_streams.py > twitter_data.txt.

Below is the code for ‘realtime_streams.py’.

Next is the data analysis phase. I followed Adil Moujahid’s approach[2] in analyzing the collected tweets.

Now let’s look at the results that I obtained.

Twitter analysis result

So, when looking at these results, it’s crystal clear that #VR has outperformed in comparison to #drone, #AR and #robotics. Of-course, this is not “the conclusion”. I collected only a portion of real-time tweets (according to the Twitter API documentation, the streaming API expose only a portion of real-time tweets). And this is merely a ‘one-side view’ as I only looked at Twitter data. Nevertheless, this study reveals that #VR has more popularity over the other trending buzzwords. These results are very appealing and compelling to me. Because, now I feel that there are so many lucrative opportunities in the research areas of #VR than the others. There’s no need to go in-depth. What I feel is, “it’s very cool to know such a thing” than cooking up your own assumptions :D

Finally, I hope you found this article interesting. I encourage you to play around Twitter API and do some interesting analysis. “Weekends are soo precious”, I totally agree :D. But this is cool, go ahead and give this a try. You could follow the reference links provided here to bootstrap your interest in this area. Once you do so, remember to share your experience with me :D