Persistence has to be up there.

I’ve seen it first hand and experienced it.

But to make the example more recent and relatable, I’ll tell you about my partner’s job search over the past four months. From being made redundant due to Covid-19, to 48 applications later and a job at a leading tech company, persistence was always the key factor.

Of course, persistence has to come with action. …


Critical thinking is empowering.

But like any skill, it requires practice to be effective.

It is fulfilling and enriching to apply critical thinking to the world around you and like a splash of water on your face, be aware of the truths in information, instead of being showered by misinformation, propaganda and falsities.

This then translates to your broader life. For example, investing in the stock market, identifying a property, career decisions, handling criticism, conversations with friends, family or at work. Critical thinking helps you read between the lines and not get caught in the fog forming around you.


After plenty of time to reflect over the past few months, I've compiled a list of personal ‘learnings’ .

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These are life lessons or habits which have helped or simply stuck with me, from a miscellaneous array of areas.

Some are basic, some are reminders, but I hope they provide motivation, inspire you to start a new habit or simply put a smile on your face:

  • Drink water, lots of it (quite possibly the most important).
  • Exercise hard and stretch often.
  • Meditate. There is no right way, but start with focusing on your breathing, preferably through your nose.
  • Turn your phone off at least 30 mins before bed.
  • Find balance. Sometimes you have to over compensate or under compensate…

While speaking on behalf of Amnesty International at a rally in Martin Place, in support of dropping the charges on Julian Assange and halting his extradition, I was privy to a unique process.

It started years ago, from having a superficial understanding of Assange’s extradition in my early 20’s, to delving deep into the rabbit hole of information with a great friend, where most of the facts seem to lie in the online age.

I had bought into the stigmas, the one-liners and the complexity of his case, as justification for not pursuing the facts further. In discussing Assange’s case…

While Julian Assange has doggedly been presented as a divisive figure, this approach has no bearing on the impact his potential extradition and mistreatment will have on publishing, journalism or the freedom of the press, however you choose to call it. But more so, on the freedoms you will forgo.

None of the hundreds of thousands of documents published by WikiLeaks have been disputed because they are the verified truth. They have provided a lens into what goes on behind the scenes of governments, corporations and the system we all vote to participate in. These include purposeful civilian deaths which…

Chamira Gamage

Philanthropy Manager at Amnesty International. Ideas, critical thinking, people & impact.

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