“First, what’s in discussion now is a framework agreement, which is to say that it’s an agreement…
Pranavan Maru

This is exactly what was going through my mind while reading the original article. Honestly, I had a smirk on my face while going through his opinion and as soon as I saw the first 2 lines of yours, my mind started yelling “EXACTLY” haha!

You are right it must be made clear, that it’s not our insecurities that are talking here. We Sri Lankan IT crowd (well at least most of us) know our worth and that we are capable of finding jobs anywhere in the world. Not to boast but, still we chose to stay hoping to serve the country. Taking off at any given time is not our concern. The concern is that this decision was made on imbecile arguments. If a so-called “IT Hub” is the ultimate plan, why don’t we encourage our IT entrepreneurs or attract more “foreign companies” instead of “cheap foreign work force”. Why don’t we address the actual persisting problems in the IT industry instead of signing agreements made merely based on political gains…

Thanks for your excellent reply! :)

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