The Fresh Graduate
Aradhana Gahlaut

Oh I can so relate to this. How little people care to indulge in themselves, and how systematically we have been programmed by multiple layers of society and the modern way of life to perform. Good grades, high salary — a continuously comparative and highly quantified life.

And the part about “love what you do” is the worst advice that exists on the face of earth. Especially having worked at a few early stage startups, and trying to run one off late, I cannot fathom how wrong people can get about the concept of “passion”. When you start building something, you are “doing what you love”, and then it grows big and soon you have to enlist the help of someone. And they are exchanging some hours of their day for some money from you. You can buy their time and their energy, but not their passion (isn’t that obvious). They are “doing what you are paying them for”, but pray if you can make them “love what they do”

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