The start of something new

Just dive right in…the water is frigid!

It’s been about a year since we took the first formal steps for our business…in March 2015, we bought our domain name (

While things haven’t always been ultra-busy with building our enrichment center, it never was the right time to write about our experience until now. So it seems appropriate to begin our stay here on Medium today.

My wife, Radha, and I (Jigar Champaneria) had been considering starting a business for quite some time. We’ve had separate businesses in the past, but this would be the first time that we would be opening a business together. To be honest, we didn’t think too much about the challenges of begin a husband and wife team running a small business.

We settled on the idea of an after school enrichment center since we live in a town where children’s education is ultra important. San Ramon, CA has outstanding schools and it’s so family-centric that it makes sense to focus on childhood education. I’ll skip over the market analysis, but safe to say that this is a highly competitive market with several franchises…we jumped in because we thought we could differentiate ourselves and that parents would recognize our unique offerings.

We settled on an enrichment center (as opposed to a play area or something) since we felt that San Ramon could use a greater diversity of class options. We wanted to offer unique art & tech classes that aren’t offered. So many of the pre-existing classes focus on “book learning” and we don’t think that’s the way kids will learn to lead happy & successful lives.

And this began our journey into Champ Learning Academy.

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Learn more about our enrichment center here:

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