This has been an unbelievable weekend. Dozens of stuffs happened that tested my faith but left me with a bigger trust and faith in God.
Here’s what happened.

Last Friday, i was admitted at the medical city because my surgery was scheduled to happen the next morning. Before being admitted, i got the chance to bond with my sisters and girlfriend. It’s a rare moment that has only happened once and it’s a moment worth remembering. I haven’t seen both my sisters in person in a year. The past weekend ,they returned home so that they could join me and be with me on one of the scariest moments of my life. This act of love made what was supposed to be one of my toughest weekend, actually one of the most amazing weekend of my year.

From last Saturday until this weekend, i just bonded with my whole family, both my sisters works overseas and i don’t get to go home as often as i want to because of my busy schedule. The whole week was spent just bonding with each other, either by talking, going out, eating or going to my checkups. It was an amazing week! I initially dreaded the day of my surgery but since it brought back my sisters and reunited my family again. This has to be one of the best weekends of the past year.

Going back to last Friday, the whole day was spent bonding with my family and girlfriend as we await my admission to the hospital. We had a great time being with each other and waiting for the nurses and residents to come and get me for the surgery. As the day ends, my sister and my dad goes home to rest and i was left with my mom and girlfriend to rest and await the nurse that will get me and prepare me for surgery.

The nurse woke us up at 4AM to inform me to have a bath. After taking a bath both my girlfriend and mom are there to give me strength as the surgery was about to begin in a few hours. My sisters and father arrive an hour before the surgery. I was starting to get scared specially after the nurse put the pre-surgery medication on my dextrose. The last medication really hurt and made me really sleepy and groggy. Thankfully, my love ones are there to support me and give me strength. What i realize as we await the doctor that will get me for the surgery was what i want that time was to put everything in pause. I just want to be left alone because of the grogginess i’m feeling due to the medication. The anesthesiologist and nurse eventually arrive again and inform us that i need to go down to the operating room now because it’s almost time for my surgery. My loved ones accompanied me up until the entrance of the operating room.

The anesthesiologist left me at the pre-surgery room. I was left alone this time. My loved ones were left outside because that’s the only place where non-patients are allowed to stay. I started praying and thinking, I’m starting to get scared so i started talking to God. I thank him for all the blessings and for being with me all the time. I know that he was with me that time. My only companion as i lay there, awaiting surgery. After what seemed like an eternity waiting, the anesthesiologist and a few doctors ask a few verification questions and inform me that they’ll bring me into the Surgery Suite. They inform me of what will happen during the surgery and after it.

After transferring into a new and smaller bed/table, i was in the surgery suite now. The anesthesiologist once again informed me of few facts about my surgery. I’m really, really scared that time but kept my calm. I have complete trust and faith because my God is there at the surgery suite. He will guide everyone and heal me thru the hands of the doctors that are surrounding me. As they put the machine that will make me sleep thru the surgery, i close my eyes scared but confident that the god who heals is beside me.


Below is an image of what the doctors removed in my left ear.

Thank you for reading.