Journal #1 Interviewing with Melissa Taylor

A future travel writer Melissa Taylor, who loves to write and to travel. Exploring the beauty of our planet through words to people, especially to her family and friends as they take a big part in her life.

Melissa has a very special habit which is collecting tickets stubs and pictures with her beloved ones in life. I first thought was she wants to keep those special memories in her life, but the hidden meaning is what she treasure the most. Melissa loves getting to know people and value people in life so the habit helps her to remember and to recall.

Tickets stubs, such as concerts, movie and airline ticket are the memories she treasures but not the ticket itself. As I mentioned before, family and friends take a big part of Melissa’s life so she value them in a high position. Another thing about collecting tickets is Melissa loves to travel so she keeps all the airline ticket to remember those trips her went.

Picture is another thing she collects. “I put pictures on wall by bed,” she says. “I always look at it, it brings me joy and hope.”

Taking pictures are always a way to keep memories. Since Melissa treasure it so much to choose it as her important possessions, it easy to tell how she value her family and friends. Melissa cares about her family and friends, even she is far apart with them, she still looks at those pictures often to take her back to those moments.

Family always a shelter, where people can feel safe and comfortable with. Friends are those who people can share life and get together with. That’s why Melissa treasure and value them so much.

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