Journal #3 Unforgettable Birthday

I will never forget my 18th birthday, way too meaningful and unforgettable. My 18th birthday was on February 23rd, 2012. That was my first birthday that my family and friends are not around with me.

In every February 23rd, family and friends celebrates with me. They made me cake, bought me presents, visited places that I want to go and more to do in my birthday. Usually, I celebrate with my family at home, but with friends, there’s a lot to do. My friends with go karaoke, pub, parks, theme café, theme park, anywhere I wanted to go that day.

But what so different on my 18th birthday? 18 is a significant year that turn into adult in Hong Kong, and what makes it more special is, no one is with me… The reason why no one is celebrating with me that year because from the arrival in Vancouver till my birthday was less than a month. Which means I don’t have friends here and become alone. I stayed in dorm for the whole day, watching dramas, eating snacks and thinking that at least one friend or classmate would say “happy birthday” to me. Oops, not even my roommate!

After a long day in dorm, my parents and boyfriend called me at around 3 a.m. and talked to me, and my friends started to send me birthday blessings online and messages. I cried because they still remember my “important day”, and I was overthinking too much that made myself even unhappier.

This special year of my birthday, makes me think a lot and learnt a lot. I’m really thankful that I have these people in my life that cares about me, remembers me, and loves me in different ways. The things I learnt are that never take things for granted, treasure everything and be thankful for what I have.

“I was born nothing, so I appreciate everything.”