Something told me no: Fro-Yo

The Common Sensory

It will make some of you smile to know that I almost entitled this post, ‘Bitch Ass Fro-Yo’ or ‘Where the Hell has the Ice Cream Gone?’ but I didn’t want to rock the boat on my first post. How many of you guys have gone out for Friday date night and ended up at a Fro-yo spot, fighting a 12 year old for the last brownies pieces at the toppings bar?

Usually I’m a proponent of sweet treats after a savory meal and Friday night was no different. My date and I had just finished our sushi (which meant I’d be hungry soon) and decided to take a stroll through Lincoln Road Mall. We walk and walk and end up in front of one of those frozen yogurt shops that are incredibly bright, almost as if they are in a blinding war with Apple storefronts. This wasn’t one of the big players in the fro-yo game and I didn’t trust it.

My date convinced me to go in, right away I got bad fro-yo vibes. Any advocate for the frozen delight knows that picking a good flavor is the key to any successful cup. To my horror (and not my surprise) the most appealing flavors were: vanilla tart, sugar free chocolate, and green tea. I go with the tart hopping that the toppings will save me. Wrong so wrong. All the good shit from the toppings bar was gone. Brownie bites, gone. Gummy bears, gone. Strawberries, gone. And Marshmallow sauce just didn’t exist.

As I make my way to the scale, I am greeted by the cashier and what seems to be an emergency, judging by how fast she’s typing. The scale reads $10.21, I assume both cups of subpar fro-yo are being weighed because there’s no way my almost topping-less portion costs that much. The cashier assures me nothing is wrong with the scale and that I just put too much fro-yo in my cup (the cup that I considered tossing). I ask one more time if she was sure and proceeded to pay my $10.21 debt. She runs my car through and then my date pays.

Something told me to check my receipt as I’m almost out of the store. The receipt reads $20.42. The cashier not only charged me double the original price but she also weighed my cup twice, giving me a higher total in the first place. As the cashier reads my receipt and recognition of her error steps in, cheers of ‘I was right’ circle my mind.

Now, if you’re ever faced with a monetary situation in which you were clearly right and even addressed the situation to no avail, how you react determines a lot. You can chose the route of supreme douche and make the cashier feel bad, getting your money back and lowering her self-esteem in the process. Or, you can continue to read and discover how a boss handles situations.

The girl is in a state of distress. She’s new and doesn’t know how to do refunds and her apologies are non-stop. I stand patient as she tries to work through the situation. She calls the manager and ends up leaving a voicemail. She instructs me to wait a few minutes and even offers me a refill on my fro-yo that has now turned to soup. The manager calls back and apologizes to me over speakerphone. He tells me that in addition to my full refund I’m entitled to five free large sized servings of fro-yo with unlimited toppings (I wanted to say ‘Your toppings are very limited’).

In the end, if the cashier had used common sense by looking at the contents of my cup instead of what the register showed her, we both would’ve avoided unnecessary hassles. Maybe I just need to stick to my guns. People make mistakes and do stupid shit all of the time, I notice them all and act accordingly.

Boss Handling Steps:

  1. Be patient, especially when right
  2. Don’t rub the mistake in someone’s face
  3. Let them come up with a solution first before saying anything
  4. Smile
  5. Get free Fro-Yo
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