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As I mentioned in my First Impressions article, my girlfriend and I are undergoing the Whole30 elimination diet this month. At the time of writing, we’re now over halfway through, and there’s been a lot of learning.


You can find all the details you could possibly want here, but here’s a quick rundown of what you don’t eat:

This sounds like a lot, and it…

Since I’ve been cooking several times a day lately ( thanks, Whole30), I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in the kitchen. I’m a largely self-taught home cook, and lots of people (especially in my age group) aren’t very comfortable in the kitchen. Since I’ve been in that spot, I’m going to share some of the easiest things you can do to improve your confidence and your cooking.

Let’s get into it!

Tip #1: Use the right salt and pepper.

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Luck is one of the trickier parts of life. Many people say that we can make our own luck, others say that luck is just probability, others say that fate is set.

So, who’s right?

Without wishing to get into a long (and boring) discussion about math and philosophy and faith, I’d like to take a look at small ways you can improve your own odds of success, and I’ll do it with the help of some wise figures who’ve come before. …

Several weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided to give the Whole30 diet a try for the month of February (and March 1st, because February is silly and short, even in a leap year like this one). For those who aren’t familiar, Whole30 is a dietary program designed to “reset your health, habits, and relationship with food, and discover lasting food freedom”.

For thirty days, you cut the following from your diet:

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We all love the big victories (graduation, marriage, promotions, hitting your fitness goals), but I think the little victories are underrated.

Here’s a great example: Taking Every Chance has officially had more than 100 unique readers. That may not seem like a lot, but I recognize that it’s more than I’d have had if I’d never started this blog. It’s a stepping stone to bigger victories, and every step matters.

No matter what, your victories matter.

In this age of viral content and people with millions of followers, is 100 visitors a big deal? It is if I recognize it…

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In general, people love setting New Year’s Resolutions. After all, we like to improve ourselves, and we like the clean slate provided by a new calendar. The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that, for the most part, we are awful at keeping them.

Lots of people make their resolutions too general (“I’m going to lose weight”) or about something out of their control (“I’m going to get a raise”). More people try to make too many resolutions at once, get overwhelmed, burn out, and give up.

I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach.

Since we’re reaching not only…

Handwriting sample from the author.

In this increasingly digital age, writing by hand is something most of us never think about. After all, if you can write down everything you need with a keyboard or a microphone, why write longhand?

I love to write by hand. For whatever reason, I do my best creative planning with pen and paper. It’s how I started as a writer when I was a kid, and I guess it stuck.

Since I do such much of my work with a pen, I need to ensure that whatever I write will be clear and legible, even if only to myself…

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Some of my favorite thought exercises/conversation starters are hypotheticals involving time travel.

-Which author/musician/artist/social figure would you like to have dinner with?

-What historical tragedy do you think you’d try to stop?

-What advice would you pass on to a younger version of yourself?

All of these are rich for introspection and discussion, and I’ve learned a lot about people from their answers. This is turn got me thinking, and I found another question that throws people for a loop:

What would you NOT tell yourself?

Not a single person I’ve asked this question has had an answer ready. …

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Allow me, for a moment, to state the obvious: each and every one of us like different things. There are vast, rich spectrums of things to take pleasure in, from music to nature to food, and beyond. Not only that, but thanks to the ongoing growth of the Internet, it has never been easier to try new things.

Personally, I love to try new things. I love to cook, so I’m always experimenting with food (to the frequent delight, and occasional horror, of my girlfriend). I love music, so I’m always poking around Spotify or YouTube, searching for something that…

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The last time I saw my father was New Year’s Day, 2007. He isn’t dead (as far as I know), but he isn’t a part of my life. To be honest, he wasn’t very involved in my life even before that, since my parents divorced when I was very young. For more reasons than I would like to get into right now, my father and I have gone our separate ways.

I was eleven when I last saw my father. As a young man on the verge of puberty, I was going to need a guide. My mom works so…

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