Why I started Chance Upon?

In my first big project, the client told me that he wants to build a separate business model to disrupt his existing one. He said “In order to do this fast and well, we need to find people with the right DNA to pull this well”. He wanted a talented and diverse set of experts, so I pulled together a team of developers, UXUI designers, logo designer and we conceptualise, build and launch within 4 months. This was the beginning of the idea of Airbnb of Talents.

The right people will create magic for you so you can focus on your business and know everything else would be in order. But what does it take to bring them together?

1. Talents like you want more independence than what your corporate responsibilities allow.
2. Talents want to work on projects, not do paperwork, contracts, sales calls.
3. Small business owners can’t acquire top talent for short or long term projects. They need help.
4. Corporations are on the lookout for talent to execute ideas fast and sustain the ideas.

1. Bring Talents together for Projects

‘None of us is better than all of us’ — Ray Kroc.

As a freelance talent, you often work on projects alone. Collaborating with talent in other domains is one-off and driven by the client. Through us, you may develop friendships and partnerships that last for a career.

2. Executing complex work for SMEs and Start ups

Business owners realize that they may not be able to hire top talent, and talent developed in-house often moves on. Our work allows SMEs and Start ups to share talent without planning to.

One of our early clients could not afford a full-time CFO with experience needed to restructure their company. On a project basis, our financial talent proposed and executed a solution for 2 days per week over a time. Her decades-long experience in corporate finance gave the restructuring outcome needed. She streamlined their accounts closing process, setup KPIs to improve cash flow and profitability, achieving cash flow surplus in 6 months. E-invoicing was also introduced across all their outlets improving customer experience and driving up payment collection efficiency.

3. Getting Corporations over the hump of Digital Transformation

Throughout my career, I have constantly sought gaps in corporate behaviours to drive business revenue, sustainability and customer stickiness, with technology. Putting cross functional project teams together and deploying them to address the gap is my stock in trade. Many organisations struggle with exactly this. KPIs and costs then misalign. We fill the gap by putting your very own special ops team together exactly to stated business needs.