Life in United States — You just have to live in the moment!

We all expect a lot when we are about to continue our studies in a country away from home. But, it so happens that our expectations are very different from reality. We are all mentally prepared with all kinds of situations or difficulties and are even able to cope with it. But at some point each one of us contemplates as to eventually which place makes me happy.

This thought came to my mind when I was home this winter. It was a pleasant Saturday evening when I was sitting at Marine drive, watching the sunset. A car stopped in front of a person who was selling tea on his bicycle and asked him for directions to some place in the typical ‘bambaiya’ tone as we call it, “ Kaka! Ya thikani zaayche aahe, tumhala maahit aahe ka kothe aahe?”. And the guy on the cycle helped him out. A smile crossed my face, this is the best option to find your way when you are in India but in US you can rely on maps to find that for you. This doesn’t mean people in an alien country are not helpful. Honestly, everyone there is very cooperative, considerate and have always been ready to help someone. At one occasion a total stranger helped me move some furniture I badly required. It would not have been possible to do it without him.

My coming to the United States as a student has definitely helped me broaden my horizons and attitude towards life. I have gained much confidence and independence than I could ever have, if I stayed back in India. Having taken such an important life decision for myself instills in me a sense of achievement and confidence which I never felt in past. Though being away from family and loved ones is tough, you do find friends for life here who become your family away from family.

And then when you come back for a vacation, you can enjoy all the love, warmth and comfort they have to offer you. Even being away, you do stay connected with the people you want to stay connected with. You can be there for the people you want to be there for even by staying miles away! And everyone staying away will agree that the bond just grows stronger.

Thus you can never compare the happiness you get there or here, you just have to take a deep breath, focus on what’s important, chase your dreams, and most importantly live in the moment and enjoy whatever life has to offer!