Time to take a call on future of Twenty20 Internationals

Twenty20 Internationals really serve no purpose. The bilateral series between two national sides really.

Usually there is nothing at stake and most often the series is used to try out unknown players about whom we never really hear later.

Take the case of the recent Twenty20 series wins for Sri Lanka in South Africa and Australia recently. It mocked at the very concept of International matches when you had an under-strength Australia and an experimental South Africa going down to Sri Lanka.

The fact is when the ODIs started South Africa was at full strength and normal service began. It just goes to show while the world over Twenty20 cricket is the one that is loved and followed, for the teams it may not be the case.

Why else would you devalue the format by fielding players whom we are never going to see for at least a year! It therefore raises the point whether we actually need Twenty20 cricket in the international format. With the World Twenty20 scheduled to be played now once in four years, the purpose of bilateral Twenty20 cricket is redundant. If anything the format should now be incorporated in multipurpose games to achieve the same goal, gloabalisation.

If we are going to not watch the best players feature in Twenty20 internationals, what really is the point of staging them? It also raises the question about the ODI format. Almost everyone, including the BCCI now, agrees that the 50-over format just pales in comparison to the Twenty20 format. Then why is it that the squads for ODIs are usually full strength? In the eyes of a number of players, 50-over format still holds some value, despite all the naysayers.

The nub of the issue really is the lack of context to the bilateral matches. You know that you can make up for the lost points on some other day, because nothing really is at stake. The International Cricket Council (ICC) needs to weed out this issue and ensure that bilateral matches have some context, or else we may end up with more mismatches in the format that the people love.

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