Short statement about the use of racist language in astronomy and physics.

It is 100% unacceptable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is never an excuse for it. If you find that you have used it, you should:

A. first acknowledge that you have participated in racism and apologize for participating in racism and

B. try to understand why, under any time or emotionally pressured circumstances, you used racist language to make a point about anything.

An apology cannot fix the harm caused by your use of racist language. Only education, reflection, and ultimately anti-racist action can. Be sorry that you were racist, not that you accidentally let it out in front of other people.

We support making astronomy and physics environments in which we can all thrive and do the best research we can, and eliminating racism is a crucial step.

Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein & Dr. Sarah Tuttle with

Dr. Phil Massey

Michael Jewell

Professor Jorge Moreno

Dr. Seth Zenz

Dan Gettings

Alessondra Springmann

Tiffany Frierson

Dr. Joshua Tan

Stephanie Douglas

Professor Julie Rathbun

Professor Julianne Dalcanton

Professor Lauren Tompkins

Dr. Erin Ryan

Kristin M. Block

Dr. Clara Nellist

Jess Shanahan

Dr. Gautham Narayan

Dr. Matthew R. Francis

Meredith Rawls

Professor Jennifer Hoffman

Meredith Durbin

Dr. Nick Murphy

Jessica Tucker

Dr. Christina Richey

Dr. Chiara Mingarelli

Dr. Michelle Collins

Dr. Korinne McDonnell

Professor John Feldmeier

Dr. Sarah J. Schmidt

Professor Ethan Siegel

Professor Kelle Cruz

Alex Hagen

Dr. Alberto Roca

Dr. Laura Watkins

Dr. Jessica Kirkpatrick

Dr. David Tsang

Dr. Michael Busch

Dr. Hugo Day

Dr. Victor Gehman

Professor Marilena Loverde

Dr. Heather Flewelling

Amanda Yoho

Dr. Luke Dones

Emily Lakdawalla

Professor Robert McNees

Nicholas M. Battafarano

Dr. August Muench

Dr. Vicky Scowcroft

Dr. Serina Diniega

Dr. Peter Edmonds

Dr. Jeffrey Simpson

Dr. Timothy Pickering

Johanna Teske

Adrian Lucy

Dr. Carolyn Brinkworth

Dr. Bryan Mendez

Dr. Moses P. Milazzo

Professor Brian W. O’Shea

Dr. Brian C. Wolven

Professor Sarah Hörst

Dr. Robert Minchin

Professor Scott Trager

Professor Derek Fox

Dr. Henry Roe

Dr. Caitlin Casey

Dr. Thompson Le Blanc

Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz

Dr. Philip Rosenfield

Dr. Jedidah Isler

Dr. Carl Ferkinhoff

Marshall C. Johnson

Dr. Devin W. Silvia

Dr. Anna Watts

Lea Hagen

Dr. Natalie Gosnell

Dr. Catherine Grant

Professor John Johnson

Abigail Stevens

Professor Eric S. Perlman

Professor Daryl Haggard

Dr. Malynda Chizek Frouard

Dr. Steven Saar

Dr. James Roberts

Dr. Renee Hlozek

Dr. Badr Albanna

Professor David Bennett

Dr. Angela Little

Kelsey Funkhouser

Professor Michelle Dolinski

Dr. Colleen Milbury

Jennifer Piscionere

Dr. Elisabeth Mills

Professor Emily L. Rice

Dr. Ashley Pagnotta

Rui Zou

Dr. Adrian Liu

Dr. Emily Freeland

Alexandra Rahlin

Ellyne Kinney Spano

Dr. Derek Homeier

Dr. Knut Olsen

Dr. Matthew Chojnacki

Katelin Schutz

Scott Lewis

Dr. Jenny Greene

Dr. Rebekah Dawson

Dr. Will Newton

Professor Laura Woodney

Dr. Margaret Livingstone

Dr. Dimitri Dounas-Frazer

Dr. Thomas Stroman

Dr. Katie Mack

Professor Adam Burgasser

Professor Edgar Bering

Dr. Alma Ruiz-Velasco

Professor Matt A. Wood

Dr. Chelsea Sharon

Dr. Duane Hamacher

Dr. Katy Garmany

Professor Steve Finkelstein

Dr. Lisa Fogarty

Matthew B. K. Ota

Dr. Matthew Nichols

Dr. Sarah Martell

Dr. Andrea Kunder

Thomas Rice

Dr. Patrick Durrell

Rachel Domagalski

Dr. Orkan Umurhan

Jesse Feddersen

Alexandra Greenbaum

Brian W. Mulligan

Dr. Jeffrey M. Silverman

Professor Meredith Hughes

Professor Kim Coble

Gordon A. MacDonald

Dr. David Rubin

Dr. James Chisholm

Professor Niescja Turner

Dr. Nicholas McConnell

Dr. Ji Hoon Kim

Dr. Michael Mooney

Dr. Jill Knapp

Kathryn Grasha

Dr. Antara Basu-Zych

Jesse Emspak

Dr. Katherine Alatalo

Dr. Gregory Feiden

Dr. Adric Riedel

Dr. Samaya Nissanke

Dr. Leo C. Stein

Dr. Ryan Trainor

Dr. Dennis Crabtree

Dr. Lisa Will

Professor Linda French

Dr. Peter Frinchaboy

Megan Donahue

Robert Morehead

Professor Emily Rauscher

Takamitsu Lee Tanaka

Sara Ogaz

Dr. Brooke Simmons

Dr. Steven Shore

Sedona Price

Dr. Mark A. Gurwell

Dr. Jennifer L. Piatek

Genevieve Shattow

Dr. Jillian Bellovary

Jonathan Fraine

Dr. Neal Turner

Professor Pauline Barmby

Dr. Karl Mitchell

Dr. Elizabeth Adams

Dr. Ken Rumstay

Dr. Liz George

Dr. Danai Antonopoulou

Anna Pancoast

Diane Feuillet

Rosalie McGurk

Dr. Amanda Bauer

Dr. Steven Theiss

Dr. Abraham Hmiel

Dr. Adam Becker

Mark Avara

Professor Bryan Gaensler

Alexander Rudy

Dr. Loic Le Tiran

Duncan Watts

Dr. Bradford Holden

Geoffrey Ryan

Dillon Dong

Dr. Subhanjoy Mohanty

Brendan Miller

Joseph Long

Dr. Roberto Sanchis Ojeda

Alexandra Abate

Dr. Rachel Friesen

Professor Jay Strader

Dr. Kyle Willett

Dr. Anne Medling

Dr. Jessica Mink

Benjamin Cook

Dr. J. Colin Hill

Dr. Joseph A. Munoz

Dr. Andreas Küpper

Dr. Danny Jacobs

Dr. Brent Miszalski

Alexis Lavail

Professor Michael Strauss

Dr. Sarah Ragan

Saramoira Shields

Dr. Aleks Diamond-Stanic

Dr. Dustin Lang

Dr. Arjen van der Wel

Dr. Rachel Street

Rob Seaman

Vivienne Baldassare

Dr. Matthew Bayliss

John M. Brewer

Tom Esposito

Professor Angela Speck

Diana Crow

Professor Jonathan Lunine

Jacqueline Monkiewicz

Professor Eric Agol

Professor Dan Marrone

Dr. Joseph L. Richards

Everett Schlawin

Brandon Hensley

Zach Pace

Dr. Jane Rigby

Ryan Cybulski

Dr. Anil Seth

Will Best

Professor Mordecai-Mark Mac Low

Dr. Jolyon Bloomfield

Wladimir Lyra

Gregory Mosby, Jr.

Scott Seagroves

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