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What I wanted when I called for a Strike for Black Lives

A personal view on #Strike4BlackLives/#StrikeforBlackLives and #ShutdownSTEM

note: This is my perspective on this, and it should not be interpreted as speaking on behalf of any other author whose name appears on the Particles for Justice website. If you haven’t heard about this action that took place last Wednesday, please see our press page.

We wanted action, not another book club.

All of the people who put their name to the Strike call contributed to the document somehow. Yes, I played a big role in writing it — I’m both the only critical race studies scholar in the group and the only one with a book deal. That doesn’t mean I was the sole mastermind. This was a truly collective effort. I point this out because I want to make a comment about how our strike call, which went live with about 120 pledges from colleagues on June 5, ended:

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