I’ve always loved turning heads when I enter a place — but this is not what I had in mind.

When I enter a room, there’s a sensation that hits me immediately, like putting your hand under a boiling hot faucet or stepping outside into the bitter cold. It’s a discomfort that I’ve almost always felt, but never quite adjusted to. I can’t help but think, “I’m the token black woman, again.”

I learned the world wasn’t built for black people through my love of performing. I adore the theater, costumes, and larger than life dances — spending hours practicing choreography in my room until it became part of me. When I was 13, I auditioned for my first high…

By Chanda C. Daniels

Lana Del Rey who is under fire for controversial instagram posts © PHOTO-GRAFITTI

The internet exploded once again when sad girl pop queen, Lana Del Rey, posted an instagram criticizing her lack of acceptance in the music industry and the double standard women face about the topics they are allowed to sing about. While Lana makes valid points, she started this argument off by calling out a series of women of color artists who have ‘had number ones about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f-ing, and cheating’ to prove her point.

And people of color — myself included — are not having it. The comments flooded in pointing out the issue of using women of color as a backdrop to reflect against her own setbacks as a famous rich white woman.

Celebrity Chef, Alison Roman who recently was in a twitter feud with Chrissy Teigen via NYT Cooking Youtube…

Chanda Daniels

Chanda Daniels is the co-founder of The Reclaim. She is gender equality, social justice advocate, and a Rihanna stan.

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