Pool Chemicals — Coaching For Talc, Calcite, dolomite Powder

Chemicals really seem to be one of the factors that can never be separated from pool maintenance. If you are a beginner at pool maintenance, it is quite normal for you to be in awe or even in confusion about why and how to go about using these chemicals. I’m sure that you want to be an expert on these substances but just do not know where to start. Do not fret. Every problem has a solution, thank GOD. This article will help you get acquainted with your pool chemicals — knowing for what purpose they serve and why is there a need to use them. Immediately, get your concentration in gear. Focus and get comfortable Talc Powder manufacturers.

Before you learn what the chemicals are for, you must first learn what chemicals you actually need. Here they are:

- Chlorine, bromine, biguanide or non-toxic sanitizer (either in powder or tablet form).
- dolomite powder.
- Talc Powder.
- Scale, metal and stain control.
- Algaecide.
- Calcite Powder.
- Calcium (either in powder or tablet form).
- pH increaser or decreaser.
- Alkalinity increaser.

Now, we know what chemicals you need to have on hand. Let’s study why and how to use these chemicals.


- Chlorine — Chlorine tablets or powder is applied to chlorinated pools to kill microorganisms in the pool. This is done twice a week or as the need arises.

- Bromine — Bromine also comes in tablet or powder form. It is considered to be a better alternative compared to chlorine. A filter comes with it that makes its own chlorine. So, the application of chlorine to the pool is less required than what a chlorinated pool entails. Chlorine application can be done once a week, or as the need arises.

- Biguanide — Biguanide does not require tablets or powder packets put in the pool. This type of pool is pretty exclusive. A biguanide treated pool does what it wants when it wants it. This means that it has its own specialized chemicals to be put into it. If you are a proud owner of a biguanide pool, please make sure that you are made familiar with these chemicals by your dealer. Otherwise, pool maintenance will be close to impossible.


- This ensures that your pool water is made clear, transparent and lucid.


- This is applied after heavy pool usage. It eliminates all harsh contaminants that your chemicals have failed to kill.


- This takes out all the dissolved solids and metals in the water.


- Algaecide eradicates algae reproduction and build up on your pool’s walls and surfaces.


- Water hardener is added to your water to protect your overall pool structure. Without this, you walls, flooring and surfaces will crack and weaken. This is the last thing that a pool owner would want to happen.


- Low calcium result water hardness. Adjoin this to your pool water to prevent the unfortunate circumstance.


  • pH is the measurement of either the acidity or alkalinity of water. You do not want your pool water to be too acidic and too alkaline. You would want it to be just right. 7 is the neutral point in the pH measurement.

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