Self Help Group for UPSC 2016

Dear Friends,

Group study is the best way to study. We will work in a team to study and help each other. We will also share a lot of e books and pdf related to exam. Day wise schedule will be shared. Together, We can and we will make the difference. Only sincere people should apply. Interested ppl may message me personally on hike or whatsapp.

The said plan will start from 30 November and run till mains 2016. We will be provided a weekly schedule of topics to be covered (Day wise breakup). The weekly plan will have topics of GS1, GS2, GS3 from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be used for revision, essay and GS4.

We will be finishing the basic books till January with prelims in target.

From Feb to May, it will be full focus on finishing the syllabus of Mains from reliable sources. I will share pdfs and ebooks to the members.

Jun-July: Writing Practice of question banks. Sharing and analysis of answers written by co aspirants.

Aug: Fully devoted to Prelims

Sept-Nov: Again Writing practice and notes sharing.

Answer Writing

Initially, every one is expected to write answer to one question. Type the answer and mail it to me. Your answer will be reviewed by two co aspirants and you will have to review answer of two co aspirants. Who will review whom will be decided by me.

Responsibilities of aspirants:

1. Write answer regularly.

2. Review answer of said co aspirant. Give positive feedback.

3. Follow time lines and deadlines.

4. Fulfill the responsibilities assigned.

Our self help group will work together and this program will be free. The only investment is your time and efforts.

Further details will be shared with the enrolled members.

Interested persons can mail at I can be contacted on 8969203437.

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