Bangalore — BBMP Encroachment Details

For sometime now Bangalore’s demolition drive by BBMP has caught attention of people. Existing property owners are worried, and possibly potential buyers. All this to fix Storm water drain(SWD) AKA Rajakaluve

If you are looking to find out if a specific property is safe or not, you could check it on Google Earth/Map.

  1. Go to the link —
  2. Select your ward and you download the map in KMZ format
  3. Install Google earth and view the KMZ file in google earth
  4. Guidelines to interpret the map available here —

Once you have Google Earth installed, you can view KMZ file by simply opening it. For most of the system, you have to double click the file.


For example, if I want to check what is the status on Bhartiya City.

You can check Google Map link ( Bhartiya City.

Bharitya City is just a random example, I am choosing. I don’t know the implication of water body passing through the property. You should consult BBMP or speak to Bharitya City for any further clarification.

Open and select “Jakkuru” in ward drop down list and click search. This lists down villages in a table view.

Bhartiya City falls in Chokkanahalli, click on the map icon adjacent to it. It should prompt you to download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, open it in Google Earth.

In Google Earth you should see additional overlay. Notice that survey numbers 35, 38 and 45 which are part of Bharitya City layout have water body passing through it.

Now to verify if it is under contention, open

Look for Chokkanahalli PDF. This is relatively a large file(so you can take a stroll and check back if the file is downloaded).

In the (Encroachment) PDF you can verify that survey number 35, 38 and 45 are listed.

Detailed sketch for Chokkanahalli can be viewed at\Chokkanahalli

I did not find above images very informative as it lacks Geo Coordinates. I could not figure out how to map it back to Google Earth or map.

Note that though Bharitya City owns the property, land is still vacant. As far as I can tell from Google Map, none of the constructed property is listed in encroachment list.
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