Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

“If you want someone to blame, blame me,”

the Governor pleads, his elbows resting on a mahogany table, the New York state flag hanging royally behind him. He relays the numbers: 300,019 confirmed COVID-19 cases across the…

MONITOR: Election 2020

The idea of all Black people voting the same way is not only racist, it’s misleading

A photo of a black woman voting at a poll. There is a divider on the desk that reads “VOTE” with a U.S. flag.
People vote in the Super Tuesday primary at Centreville High School March 1, 2016, in…

The world is full of injustice. Here are 6 things the BMCC students can do to balance the scales.

Photo from internationalist.org

As subway service continues to decline, confusion among city and state officials has pushed commuter concerns aside.

photo from Gothamist.com

Animal Rights activists clashed with industry workers as other advocacy groups awaited their turn.

Photo from Gothamist.com

The day to day work at the front lines of the fight against homelessness

VOCAL-NY at City Hall. Photo by Chandani Smith

Chandani Attiyya Nash

Writer, student, sometimes radio producer, full-time Wife.

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