If you’re in Tokyo, check out my photobook’s exhibition at CASE Publishing’s art space! I’ll be there on the last day (12 May) for the closing party. Hope to see you there!

Exhibition】April 21 Sat - May 12 Sat
Open: Tues - Sat / 11:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mon, Sun & holidays
Open on May 3(Thu), 4(Fri), 5(Sat)

Talk event】May 12 Sat, 13:00–14:30
Chan Dick x Kenji Takazawa (Photo critic, Writer)
Tickets available at http://www.shashasha.co/en/ticket/case20180512

Closing reception】May 12 Sat, 17:00 -19:00

Details in English
Details in Japanese

Thanks Hiroshi Onishi for the precious opportunity, and Nobuhiro Kobayashifor all your dedication and assistance in making this happen.

Thanks to all who came to support! Great meeting new and old friends! Kudos to the organisers of the Hong Kong Photobook Fair, and my publisher CASE Publishing & shashasha / 写々者 for making the event a success. See you next year!

感謝各位前來支持小弟在 HK Photobook Fair 的簽書會 !

柴灣消防局 Chai Wan Fire Station
Photobook Signing 攝影簽書會
Date: 1st April 2018 (Sunday), 2pm — 3pm
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre, B2

認識黃勤帶 Kan Tai Wong 不算久,一開始只知道有《皇后旅館》一書,但已對這人兄留下深刻印象。最近有更多機會詳談,更有一見如故的感覺!多謝他的邀請,讓我可以做他新書《Fukushima》發佈會的對談嘉賓,一起分享對攝影書的看法和背後創作的理念。再次恭喜《Fukushima》一書成功出版!

同場加映:Benny Au 分享設計這本攝影集的心得。想重溫對談內容,可到Project RAW 這裡的 Facebook live

陳的有幸被台灣的 The Affairs 週刊編集 訪問!第九期已出刊,香港 kubrick 將會有售。陳的說,希望有日可到台灣分享自己的更多作品。



像愛麗絲被白兔引導跳進了洞裡,某一天攝影師陳的發現他辦公室洗手間裡的窗口正對著柴灣消防局,提供了一個無所不知的視角 ⋯⋯

Chan Dick

Chan Dick 陳的 — eats, shoots and lives in Hong Kong. Best known for the photo series ”Chai Wan Fire Station 柴灣消防局”.

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