You’re invited: Chai Wan Fire Station — A solo exhibition by Chan Dick

Finally! After holding solo exhibitions in Japan and the Netherlands, “Chai Wan Fire Station” will be exhibited for the first time in Hong Kong, the place I call home, and where these photos were originated.

Hope to see you on the 10 May @ the gallery of Novalis Art Design Gallery in Wan Chai!

Chan Dick: Chai Wan Fire Station
10 - 31 May, 2018
Opening reception with the artist: 10 May, 6 -10 pm


Novalis Art Design Gallery is pleased to announce “Chai Wan Fire Station” photo exhibition by Hong Kong photographer Chan Dick, after the success of the award-winning eponymous book.

The exhibition explores the firefighters’ everyday life from a very unique point of view, as the artist explains: “It so happened that the bathroom window of my workshop looked right over Chai Wan Fire Station, and offered a vantage point for an omniscient view of whatever was going on down there: assemblies, washing up fire engines, pupils’ visits, volleyball games. That tiny window opened up a brand new chapter of a curious journey.”

Chan Dick brings the viewer in an elegant and sublimated world, where firemen are the protagonists and events happen quietly and regularly. Waiting for the next scene means for the artist to be open to the possibilities we can’t predict. As curator Yang Yeung describes: “In Chai Wan Fire Station, he imposes limits upon his trained consciousness to get in touch with a different kind of freedom: in letting chance encounters direct his practice, Chan is far from reacting to the impulse to hunt for images on the street. He is rather looking for something more enduring, subtle, and able to move himself in more profound ways, perhaps some human condition yet to be named.”

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