Rule #32: Worry about the little things

We all go through bad times, it’s just how things are. But there are some of us who are born with certain imperfections that make us different. That fucks up our minds. Let’s talk about those people.

Why always me?

Have you ever just sat down and thought why life just fucks you up? Have you ever thought that, one day, god was like “fuck you Steve, yeah you, you in particular”? Well you’re not alone.

It may sound cliché, but…

I know it sounds kinda silly when people say “you’re not alone”. Like, just because there are other people going through the exact same thing, or worse, you’re supposed to feel better? Well it may sound like that, but it’s actually reassuring to at least know that it’s normal to feel that way.

So let’s talk about those “imperfections”

You might be wondering why I used the word “imperfections”. Maybe it’s a beautiful way of putting how uniquely each of us are made, or maybe, I just couldn’t think of any better word in my vocabulary, we will never know.

The point is, some of us are born with anxiety, it’s just something that makes us feel scared, something that keeps us in a constant state of worry. Worrying if something titanic will fuck up your lives. Like 24/7.

We all worry about the people and things we care about, right? Multiply it by 20, and you get anxiety.

Anxiety can come in many forms, and it can be caused by a several issues, it might be your genes, brain chemistry, or some stressful event in your life. There may be different ways of how people are suffering from it. Most common might be general anxiety, or more formally, generalized anxiety disorder.

Rule #32: worry about the little things

It’s when your worrying becomes unrealistic or goes out of proportion so much so that it affects your daily life. You worry about the smallest of things. It’s like rule #32, altered a little bit. “Worry about the little things”

A painting of Keanu Reaves being sad, I think.

Love and anxiety

Probably two things that don’t quite go well together. Our views on relationships might be different according to our personalities. For some of us, our girlfriend/boyfriend might be the most important thing to us, they will always come first. But for others, it might be family, friends, dogs… you get the point.

Relationships aren’t easy, specially when you have anxiety. You worry about your loved one a lot. You want to constantly check on their well being. You start to wonder if they’ll ever realize that their too good for you. It’s not an issue of trust or anything, it’s just how your brain works. At the same time, it’s not entirely bad, some might like it about you, but sometimes, it can be quite annoying.

“It’s not you, it’s your brain, and everything will be alright again.”

You two are getting along really well, love each others’ company. But sometimes, those “imperfections” kick in and you blow up. And that’s when you need them the most. What you need is not an explanation, but to just hear them say that it’s not you, it’s your brain, and everything will be alright again.

*kills some kittens to feel manly again*

Okay, let’s continue…

No, God didn’t fuck you over

Remember we talked about how god fucked us over? well, it’s not true. He wouldn’t do that, you’re not that important to him :)

The point is, there are lot of Steves’ out there. None of us know why we are here. There is no script. We write our own scripts, every moment we’re alive. So, youcan get over it. It might be hard, but good times will come.

P.S There is no god