BBQ Triple Treats

This autumn fall I had a great BBQ party with my cousins at our rooftop. It was the season of festivity in Bengal and the air was less humid compared to the monsoons and nights were generally cooler. We cooked about 4.5 kg of chicken. The recipes were carefully crafted to feed our frolic appetite. There were basically three dishes cooked on BBQ, each one was cooked after the other with a unique hue of taste.
1. Sweet and tangy.
2. Beefy and creamy.
3. Hot and spicy.


Chicken | Curd | Salt | Black Pepper | Onion | Garlic | Coriander Leaves | Capsicum | Green chillies | Cardamom | Dried chillies | Cinnamon | Cloves | Peanuts | Almonds | Cashew nuts | Coconut Shreds | Honey | Brown Sugar | Butter | Vegetable oil | Ghee | Oyster Sauce | Sweet Chilli Sauce | Farm-bite hot Pineapple Sauce | Red Chilli powder | Cumin Powder | Coriander powder | Garam masala powder | Cajun Seasonings | BBQ rub | Mixed herbs | Mayonnaise(dip) | Mustard sauce(dip) | Salads

Initial Processing and Marinade

Cut the chicken pieces in such that each weigh about 80 gm, clean them thoroughly with clean water and dry them and divide the pieces into three separate utensils for separate marinade.
 For 1 and 2, initial marinade will be same. Only 3 is different. 
For 1 and 2, mix the pieces with curd, salt and pepper, Cajun seasonings and mixed herbs.
For 3, mix the pieces with curd, salt pepper, red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder and BBQ rub.
N.B marinade consistency should be thick and dry. It can be achieved by appropriate measure of curd. The marinade should be done for at least 2 hrs and not more than 5 hrs in a tropical climate, if done outside the refrigerator.

Basic Saute

In a pan heat the vegetable oil with dry spices, i.e, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon and dried chillies. Fry the cut onions and minced garlic until golden. This saute will be used for creating distinct sauces for all three platters.

1. Sweet and Tangy Sauce

Keep aside 2/3rd of basic saute away from the pan. And add capsicum pieces and tomatoes in the 1/3rd saute, and fry for a couple of minutes. Add some salt and pepper followed by sweet chilli sauce, hot pineapple sauce and honey, mix well and then grind them well in a mixture and our 1st sauce is ready.

2. Beefy and Creamy Sauce

Take another 1/3rd of the basic saute and add grinded cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds and shredded coconuts. Stir the mixture until golden brown. Add some salt, pepper, brown sugar and mix well with some oyster sauce. Then grind them well in a mixture and our 2nd sauce is ready.

3. Hot and Spicy

Take the remaining saute in a pan and add ginger, coriander and green chilli paste. Mix well with the saute for about a minute and grind them in a mixture and our 3rd sauce is ready as well.

Final Preparation and Cooking

Before lighting up the BBQ. Drain water or moisture from the marinade and mix the sauces properly with the respective marinades. 
For oil brushing the grill and chicken pieces, use melted butter or ghee.
Light up the BBQ fire, and roast the chicken hunks.