Life without a TV

A little bit about why I’m going to be TV-less.

So I’m moving into a new apartment soon, and I’ve decided to drop the TV.

I really want my living room to be based on actually living and entertaining, you know, with people. I’ve created some drawings of what the space will be like, and I think it’s gonna be awesome. Everything is centered around music, parties, and hanging out with people.

The seating will be reconfigurable and easy to move; that way the room can change with the mood of the people in it. So if a crazy dance party starts happening, the room can be flexible to change, and not force you to leave the area looking for a new space (which could kill the mood, by the way).

Also, the TV. Man, they really annoy me. I know movies are cool and everything, but do we really have to shape our lives around them?

A quick Google search shows every living room configured around TVs.

A living space should be configured around people. Not machines. They should be open, collaborative, and encourage having a good time; with activities that are not based on watching a movie.

I know it might be kind of crazy. But I’m kind of crazy, so I think it will work. I think it will also foster something new. It will create a space that will force people to talk and be social. A space that is up for whatever.

Will you drop your TV? Or are you so tied down to video games, movies, and TV shows that you can’t imagine your life without it? Here’s what I’ll tell you: Suck it up, drop the TV, live life, and don’t turn back.