Programming , Networking , Security.

Three months is a long time isn’t it ? But not if you have a lot to do specially when you are just starting to learn something new, then it’s just too short. I am a computer science student at a University and i think if you really want to do something with your life and be great at what you do then you can’t just expect that you will learn everything from an institution and that getting a degree means you have learnt everything that you have to .

I took this summer off and i think it was one of the best decision as it gave me three months to explore and learn things I wanted to . I realized that if you are strong willed then you really don’t need a school or University to learn something and be good at it . You just need a good WiFi connection , few books and a little motivation .

Here are the few resources I found to be extremely useful to learn programming, networking and cyber security .

Programming :-

  1. Code Academy (beginners) - A great way to learn languages like python , PHP , Ruby and many more things like git , web development skills etc. It has an interactive tutorial so that anyone could learn by doing which is I think the best way to learn any programming language .
  2. MyCodeSchool (intermediate) - It has a number of videos on youtube relating to many programming concepts and is very easy to understand .
  3. HackerRank/geeks for geeks- These websites has good practice questions. It has a lot of programming problems ranging from easy to hard. ,

Networking :-

  1. Cybrary (beginner)- Just make an account for free and you will have access to a handful of courses and one of them is networking . The explanation is very easy and basic for newbies .
  2. Google cloud (intermediate) - Even though if you are not very familiar with the concept of cloud computing , you should definitely try this out . You can make an account and take advantage of the free trial. This is just one of the ways you could practice networking and it has a very good documentation too.

Security :-

  1. Cybrary (beginner)- As mentioned above it has a course for cyber security too. It also has advance courses like ethical hacking , penetration testing , cryptography etc.
  2. Intro to Cryptography by Christof Paar (beginner)- One of the best resources to learn cryptography. The lecturer is very good , you don’t get bored , it starts from the very basics and gradually inches towards the advance concepts.
  3. Khan Academy- Most of you would have heard about it . If not then you should definitely check it out . If you are diving too deep into cryptography then you would certainly need to learn some maths and this is a good place to look into for it. Not just maths but it has a huge database of topics to learn .
  4. InfosecRocks (intermediate)- This was the site recommended by Pariza Tabriz (“Security Princess at Google”) in her reply when i emailed her to ask few questions about cyber security.
  5. FreeCodeCamp (beginner) - A great place to start learning about web development in case if you are interested in web security and has no knowledge about web development . You could even connect with people interested in web development or maybe even web security .

Now there are many more resources out there and probably even better than the ones I listed above . So always keep digging and I have not listed any books but if you really want a proper and deep understanding of anything at all then books are still the best option .