Sharing On Medium

At first it was all started with the phrase of “I think Tumblr is not a place for blogging, it’s for some kind of artful picture or something”. So I pursued onto the ultimate search engine of yahoo—no, I lie—and have got several names of blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Pistachio, SquareSpace, Anchor, etc.

I tried several of them, very interesting, they all both could offer the very different perspectives of how blogging should be. Some minimalistic, some simplistication, but what I need is indeed something medium, lightweight and wonderful to see.

There was almost nothing else stopping me from using this site, but I got a few consideration before this thing were due.

First, there is a stats feature that I know you ain’t gonna like it, but on a second thought, well you can’t get any way around this forever. Sooner or later you’re gonna have to take the bull by the shit. Uh I mean horn, take the bull by the horn.

Second, this Medium don’t have any publish by email feature or mobile publishing which currently have been my priority in dealing with internet things. But on second thought again, I think it’s still possible for me to open my laptop and to access internet for a few moments without losing so much internet quota.

Third, no, there is no third. I guess those both reasons are the best among the rest, yet very competitive with many other obstacles for either fellow readers or me to find a resolution over this catshy issue.

Anyway I think I really love the look of this Medium. Almost everything is let’s say sophisticately crafted. And anyhow, I think I also need to find an environment that is enable me to have input by reading many other articles from other writers, and that is where Medium deserves my attention—and my followers attention, of course.

So with this, I would like to ask you to join me here, let’s just get write something worth reading and acknowledge Ev Williams has been doing great by making this platform so that we’re all able to share our thoughts with the community and to the rest of the world, despite the fact that he also gains revenue for the increasing of traffic or something within the area of this Medium site.

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