Year 1

Applied Mathematics

Applied Physics

Manufacturing Processes

Electrical Technology

Human Values and Professional Ethic

Fundamentals of Computing

Applied Chemistry

Electronic Devices

Introduction to Programming

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mathematics

Aircraft Structures

Aircraft Production Techniques

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Structures Lab

Transforms and Applications

Biology for Engineers

Solid Mechanics Engineering


Introduction to Manufacturing Process

Low-Speed Aerodynamics

Solid Mechanics Lab

Thermodynamics Lab

Engineering Mathematics — IV


Aircraft Propulsion

Flight Mechanics

Production Lab

Linear Control Theory

Aerodynamics & Propulsion Lab

Numerical Computational Lab

Applied Numerical Methods

High-speed Aerodynamics

Aircraft Structural Mechanics

Aircraft systems and Instrumentation

Law for Engineers

Aircraft Component Drawing Lab

Aerodynamics Lab

Year 3

Flight Dynamics

Gas Dynamics

Rocket Propulsion

Aircraft design — I

Geometric Modeling — Lab — I

Aircraft Design Lab

Propulsion II

Experimental Aerodynamics

Aircraft Structural Analysis

Aircraft Materials Management of Business organization

Aircraft Structures Lab

Propulsion Lab

Essentials of Management

Aircraft Design — II

Finite Element Method

Geometric Modeling — II Lab

Structural Analysis Lab

Flight Dynamics

Theory of Elasticity

Basic Electronics and Control Systems

Environmental Science & EngineeringAircraft Design

Aircraft Structure Repair & Engine Maintenance Lab

Basic Electronics and Control Systems Lab

Year 4

Engg Economics and Financial Management

Theory of Vibrations

Helicopter Aerodynamics

Avionics & Navigation Systems

Avionics Lab Avionics

Experimental Stress Analysis Heat Transfer

Aircraft Design Project-II

Avionics Lab

CFD and Structural Simulation Lab

Industrial Training 1

Project Work/Practice School

For more details, refer to Aeronautical Engineering.

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