How Can I Improve My Writing Skills?

My answer from Quora:

I started writing recently. Some of my posts were quite successful (based on the number of people that wrote back to me to continue the thoughtful conversation). Some failed (no responses).

I’m no where close to a professional, “polished” writer like the ones you see in New York Times. I may get there some day, but that doesn’t matter. I write because I want to write.

I’m a product person. I treat every post like a product — it has to provide some value to the reader in a delightful way.

So I’ll give you three tips that I use myself before I write anything:

  1. Write for someone. Have a clear idea who you are writing for.
  2. Write something that educates them or inspires them, preferably using data, ideally something they’ve never seen before.
  3. Don’t worry about style. Write as if you’re having a conversation with them. #2 is more important than style.

Some of the best pieces I’ve read, that had a significant impact on me, were written by normal people in a normal way.

Read this golden piece: The Day You Became a Better Writer from Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert).

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