In Trouble Too, Be Grateful.

Right now I am facing a situation that is not easy for me. At all.

For once again, I kind of feel like I’ve delivered someone back to the place he belongs and for once again, I am left to drift alone by myself, homeless.

I’m fully aware that it must ended like this, for I know I’ve been keeping what’s not meant to be mine; I must return it.
But still, I can’t resist being mournful about this. Yet, I know I can’t pity myself for too long, and I should not.

So I start to be grateful.

I’m grateful that it happened to me, for I’ve learned my lesson.
I’m grateful because the closure isn’t as bad as I expected–although it’s still hard for me.
I’m grateful that the person I’ve brought back to his home is finally home.
I’m grateful for the forgiveness despite the things I’ve done.
I’m grateful for the new bond of friendship I’ve got.
I’m grateful for I am released.
I’m grateful for my parents and sister.
I’m grateful for the friends around me.
I’m grateful because I can see how life has been treating my friends really good.
I’m grateful to see that although right now things are weird and sad, but there’s a guarantee for better days to come.

I am grateful for the promises of life and the brighter future.

And I know some of you may think that I may seem okay, and you may wonder why do I tweet and blog depressive words–well, because I’m not perfect; I’m not an angel. This is hard for me, and maybe it’s hard for some other people as well. But I’m sure that this will pass.