My Feet are Wild Horses.

I am in Costa Rica and my feet refuse to wear flip flops, its like they want to fling them off with every step my feet are that unruly. When I wear shoes they need to be bridled. So I wear my Teva’s. They have straps like bridles that barely contain my wayward feet.

Before we got here I went shopping and bought a pretty pair of white flip flops with metallic silver straps. I imagined my sun stained feet looking pretty fine in those sparkly flimsy things. The first day in Costa I wore those puppies and flung them off a dozen times and got a big blister between my toes trying to keep the darn things on. It was very entertaining for my family.

When I was in Thailand before my son was born I lived in flip flops for ten months. I still have my favorite pair tucked away somewhere at home. every summer I try them on and can’t quite master the art of flip-flopping.

My feet are wild horses.

Exhilaration woke me in the dead of the night last night. I was running, racing an old schoolmate. I knew it was a dream so I ran fast as the wind, faster than the wind and then I fell down laughing. I woke up that way laughing and spent.

I lay there for a while thinking about that article I read on medium last night about disabled people living through a virtual reality world called Second Life and how it was affecting them positively in a physical way in the real world. They were actually improving their mobility in small ways and attributed this to increased confidence gained from playing Second Life. Its called the Fran Effect.

That article moved me.

You see I’m a bit gimpy, not many people know, I hide it quite well. Usually, it appears after I’m hiking for a bit, somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes it becomes quite apparent. My left leg starts dragging a bit. So I love when I run in dreams and I always know I am dreaming because I can’t really run in real life. Well maybe for about two minutes but then everything goes haywire. I relish those running dreams.

Most of the time I don’t think about my gimpiness except for when I think about some of my top travel dreams which almost exclusively involve hiking. Long hikes, like the El Camino, Machu Pichu or the West Coast Trail.

So I’m not sure today why I decided I can wear Quinns flip flops. They are the across the toe kind and seemed so comfy when I walked the 30 feet from deck to pool. Maybe these are different… I head to the beach and at first it seemed fine. I was consciously practicing different styles of walking. I thought this will be fun. Maybe if I relax a little loosen my hips it will help my feet. Maybe if I walk slower. By the time I got to the beach I had flung my flip flops more times than is appropriate. I’m sure I killed a praying mantis and I almost injured a dog. Thank god for the beach, free feet, bare feet. I jumped, I danced in the waves, I smiled. When I am in nature and connected to the earth my body is happier. Sometimes my body forgets for a bit it is gimpy.

On the way home I clenched my monkey toes so hard those buggers weren’t going anywhere. I cramped my leg so bad that I hobbled up the last hill.

I have decided my feet are wild horses.

they don’t belong in flip flops. They long to be free.They need to be barefoot more, to dance more and wiggle more. I have decided I will run in my dreams more and I will imagine myself climbing mountains and traversing pastoral plains. I will love myself and my wild and unruly feet attached to these legs that are becoming strong. Because they are.