Thoughts on What Happens After Death…

connection, love, truth

My stepfather died four days ago and until then I was not confronted with how much my beliefs around what happens after death conflicted with many popular beliefs. How my belief might not be as comforting as popular beliefs that are reflected in phrases such as. ‘his suffering is over now.” “He is gone to a better place”. Not that I know where my stepfather is in the spirit world…However, I do believe we don’t get to escape our emotional baggage after death. So my prayer for him and anyone else that died is that they would be please be emotionally and spiritually open to guides that would help them move through the spirit world in a positive way. Which basically means deal with your shit. There is no other ticket to transitioning into higher more loving spheres that are closer to an alignment with gods love.

I have been a seeker all my life. Most of my adult life new age spirituality has been my passion and focus. Recently, I have been building a relationship with God that is outside of religion. I am interested in connecting directly with Gods love and truth. I feel like that has been distorted over the millennia by various religions, so my feeling is to go to the source. I feel really excited and alternately terrified(by my self doubts) with this adventure. I am very interested in logically corroborating my beliefs with my faith. I feel God created a universe with laws and connections that make sense so our beliefs should make logical sense.

My interest for the past while is what happens after we die? My research has delved into Channellings from earlier than recent times. I feel that the information is less polluted by the internet and the glut of info out there on this and any other subject. At the moment I am reading Through the Mists which was written in the late 1800’s and you can down for free from the interwebs.

The more I read stories from people that are gifted mediums (people that are able to see and speak with those that have died) Mediums that are good at putting their personal beliefs aside (as much as possible) and are interested and write about what happens when we die. The closer I get to a picture of something that makes logical sense to me.

Having studied many different healing modalities in my lifetime I am intimately familiar with the knowledge that we have energetic bodies. Our energetic body is connected to but, different from our physical body. It makes sense to me when we die we move into living in our energetic body and therefore it is dimensionally/vibrationally different than the physical world.

It is common knowledge that we are made of energy and that intentioned emotional thought creates the trajectory of our lives. This makes me feel there is some truth that we do go to heaven or hell however, it is of our own making. Directly correlated to how we lived our lives and is not fixed. Why you ask? I believe that a loving god created this universe we live in and it is not loving that this short life would determine what happens for eternity. I feel where we arrive in the spirit world reflects our deeds in life. And I’m not talking about how much money you made or how successful you were. That has little bearing on life after death. Deeds of the heart and soul tell the tale after we die. Our existence continuing after we die is exciting to me as our energetic bodies tell the truth. We cannot hide through pretty faces, makeup, or fine clothes who we are in the spirit world. It is there for all to see. Our energetic body tells the truth of who we are.

Our physical and emotional fitness are deeply intertwined and are reflected in our soul. So if you are very unwell it is a result of emotional beliefs, wounds, patterns and events that have happened to you or you have perpetrated upon others that are not in harmony with love. This is a dynamic relationship between the soul and our physical/emotional bodies. If we do not deal with our emotional shit. It is stored in the soul, translated to the energetic body and finally become manifested as illness in the physical body. I know a lot of people believe that the soul is perfect and that we get to go back to perfection when we die. This does not make logical sense to me in any way. Everything that we are is connected. If emotional pain affects our physical and energetic bodies would it then not affect our soul?

So when we die we go to the spirit world. We continue to grow or not, our free will choice. The beauty is, there is so much help available there for us to grow in love if we are willing and desire to heal our disharmonies with love. There is less room for lies and we don’t have the burden of earthly life to contend with. However, before you get too excited to die and continue your journey let me say this. I believe that when we shed our physical body we are closer to who we are and because of that feel our joy and pain more acutely. We would be well advised to live the best life we can, deal with our shit and have the question ‘what would love do?’ as our constant companion. Cultivate a desire for a personal relationship with God. Take heart that God loves us and is thrilled by our desire to connect with her love and truth. Prayerful connection with his love can work wonders in our heart and soul.