What to do when you find a Tarantula in your bag and other scary stuff

Today Has been a day of weird and wonderful critters all a part of the magic and diversity of Costa Rica. Howler monkey sky high in the trees, squabbling amongst themselves their deep voices resounding. Exciting in the daytime, not so much at night. A neon green and orange lizard by the poolside. Never saw one so big, three feet at least from tip to tail and then there was the tarantula. In my bag! Big, hairy and alarming! So this post is what to do about fear.

Feel the Fear to heal the fear

That’s right, Feel it to heal it. Do what feels natural in the situation to feel and release the fear. Cry, scream shake. If you immediately allow your natural response it will quickly dissipate a lot of your initial feelings. Children naturally do this and as we get older we condition ourselves to hold our natural responses to alarming situations in. Stop doing this you will be healthier for it.


The simplest and most immediately effective tool I know to calm and dispel fear is harnessing your breath. Deep slow breaths signal to your nervous system and brain you are safe. After all Tarantulas are harmless even if they don’t look it!


One of my favorite modalities Emotional Freedom Technique or commonly know as EFT. Its easy to learn accessible and it works. There are lots of youtube videos to teach you how. My go to youtube expert is Brad Yates. He easy to follow and his videos are a great length. Long enough to be effective and short enough that you can always fit them into your day. Here is a video on clearing fear and worry.https://youtu.be/heQvpti4uvo

Shaking and Brushing

I have mentioned shaking in other blog post so you know how much I like it. Stand with your feet hip width apart and bounce up and down while keeping your body loose as possible this moves energy out of your body very quickly and is a great way to release shock from your body. Often you will see athletes do this before performing. You can also use your hands and vigorously brush your body from top to bottom making sure you move the energy down and away from your body.

Hold your fingers

The modality of JIn Shin Jyutsu teaches each of our fingers represent different emotions and are connected to different organ energies. Holding your index finger which is related to the emotion of fear. I like to hold each of my fingers while I am laying in bed before sleep it helps calm my body and promotes health and harmony in our bodies

I hope these easy and helpful tips will help you in any situation where you are feeling afraid or uncertain. It might not keep the tarantulas at bay but you will feel a bit calmer after you figure out how to get the dang thing out of your bag.